Monday 24 January 2011

cakap cakap...bodoh punya orang!

written by lelong _sick, January 24, 2011 11:23:56

From what I know, steadyaku47 is an UMNO blogger.. for an UMNO man to write such a script, he either going for a suicide or there is bigger agenda behind him. If the script doesn't come from UMNO, I bet you he will be in ISA in less than 24hours!
PR supporter please don't be too gullible to take his bait by going all out against the Sultans.. you will be surprise that there are more of those atas pagar (fence sitter) whom will turn around and vote UMNO. The only people whose going to loose are the oppositions.. if you think the Sultan doesn't have followers, think again.. I bet they still have many more follower than you can imagine..

    steadyaku47 comment:
I have been called a lot of names in my life and an UMNO blogger a few times too. The above was a comment in MT re my article "Are the Sultans relevant?" When I come across such comments I am amazed at the audacity of idiots who are so sure that what they think is the gospel truth. All you would need to do is read what I write - I am not pro any body -only pro WHAT I THINK IS RIGHT OF WRONG - and pro common sense. First this idiot has got to understand that I am writing from outside Malaysia - so the ISA is not an option anybody can lay on me! As for the script coming from UMNO...bloody hell who froze my BSN account in Bangsar? Stupid is as stupid does! And what do i think of this idiot? Look below!


  1. This is the crisis Barisan Neraka is facing. Its mushroom-farming approach to education - keep them in the dark and feed them excrement - is backfiring when its recruits cybertroopers. It looks like their quota of productivity has been reduced to one of quantity. You can see them vainly trying to make sense on any popular blog.

  2. This comment from semuanya OK kot at 5:07 PM is very true. This is because he is a thinker and not a ranter. Not emotion but notion. I have to say it Tuan Hussein you are not in this category.