Sunday 23 January 2011

cakap cakap : Mahathir

Singapore gags citizens’ criticism, says Dr M

Aisehman Dr M saya malu bila I see those headlines today. Macham there is nothing wrong in our country that you have to go and throw rocks at other people houses. It does not make sense to me why we need to worry about Singapore. Why? Malaysia is perfect? I would not be telling you a lie if I were to tell you that 7 out of 10 people in Malaysia will react to those headlines with a shake of their head and a comment bordering around “Tun ni dah nyanyok!”…"Tun is getting senile these days.” The other 30% are the same people who think that Ketuanan Melayu means that the Malays can become Tuan  in Malaysia just by voting in UMNO. 

Tun you said that Singapore gags citizen criticism. Now if you were talking at a close door meeting with UMNO cawangan Hutan Melintang then I can understand that you are just trying to impress the cawangan members with your knowledge of what Singapore citizens can and cannot do – though I suspect that the same cawangan members would rather hear about what the government is doing to support their boat-building industry and improve tourism in their area! 

And then you say that the Singaporeans were required to “be nice in Singapore ” Dey Thambi…look at your former Deputy DSAI  - what happened to him when you thought he was not being nice to you? Look at the personal attacked you launched on Pak Lah when you thought he was not being nice to you? And remember Ops Lallang? Alahai Thambi tolong kaji diri sendiri sikit! I sure would like to see what you and the other UMNO leaders will do if Lee Kuan Yew were to say the “Ketuanan Melayu” is a racist policy? We will have the whole bunch in the Malaysian Cabinet jumping around like a Gorilla on heat demanding that Singapore do not interfere with the affairs of Malaysia.

But Singapore do things– they do not just say. How long do you think Genting will last with another casino in Singapore? Thank God Genting diversified into other things for they know that sooner or later their golden goose will stop laying its golden eggs. And they have the F1 Grand Prix in Singapore now - and seeing it I know that they are better organize and the world would prefer to go to Singapore then Sepang! By any standards you care to use, Singapore are  ahead of Malaysia. Their transport system is better then ours. Their education is better then ours. Heck their government Minister are better then ours – though you can make the argument that our Ministers are better then Singapore in at least one thing–corruption. The same with our Police, our government servants, our politicians…need I go on?  By any level of excellence Singapore leaves Malaysia behind. And yet you chose to make the observation that Singapore gags it's citizens. For sure they do. I know that and the world knows that. But why chose to go there? Why not talk about corruption, about cleanliness, about their ability to excel when they do not have what Malaysia has? Our vast natural resources and population base for example.People are giving you the same kind of look the Russians give to Putin every time he claims that the Russian people are free to elect whoever they want to govern them.

You must be running out of things to talk about to bring attention to yourself. Cukuplah Tun…quit while you are ahead. Quit before you are in the news for the wrong reason… making comments on things that is really none of your business. Stick to Ketuanan Melayu, focus on your favorite cause-Ibrahim Ali and Perkasa. And you really need to work on getting that son of yours to get promoted to being a full Minister….he cannot do it on his own steam. I know you have done all the hard work for him but that is what you get when your son is a  millionaire (no thanks to the people's money in bailing out his business interest!). He would prefer to go do the nice things in life rather then be in cabinet just so that he could protect your legacy! What legacy? Running the country into the ground with your mega projects is not a legacy. Causing great racial divisions within the various races in Malaysia is not a legacy. And talking about the internal affairs of another country is certainly not a legacy to leave behind. The only legacy that people will talk about in the years to come are the legacies of ruins and debts you left behind after your years as Prime Minister.  


  1. Wonder why he survived the by-pass to keep on “mak nenek sana nyanyok sini” until now?

    [14:42] Do not ever think that GOD is unaware of what the transgressors are doing. HE ONLY RESPITES them until a day where the eyes stare in horror.

    [47:27] How will it be for them when the angels put them to death? They will beat them on their faces and their rear ends.
    [47:28] This is because they followed what angered GOD and hated the things that please Him. Consequently, HE HAS NULLIFIED THEIR WORKS.
    [47:30] If we will, WE CAN EXPOSE THEM FOR YOU, so that you can recognize them just by looking at them. HOWEVER, YOU CAN RECOGNIZE THEM BY THE WAY THEY TALK. GOD is fully aware of all your works.
    [47:31] We will certainly put you to the test, in order to distinguish those among you who strive, and steadfastly persevere. WE MUST EXPOSE YOUR TRUE QUALITIES.

  2. Granted! Singapore gags citizens’ criticism. But the most exceptional thing about this state of affairs is how well the Singaporeans are taking it. Excellence Singapore is widely admired for their achievements worldwide. What’s there to criticize? Unless of course when the gorilla gets horny and there is no female gorilla available lah. I beg you Tun, at the very least please refer to the “Corruption Perception Index” and Quality-of-Life Index” dulu lah. We have to admit we are very far behind Singapore. Jadi camna kita gag mulut rakyat Malaysia lah.

  3. One should just cross over the causeway and one will be able to note the vast difference.

  4. This guy is the pits: cakap banyak, and all for the wrong reasons! Rightly said, he is a busybody with nothing better to do - or as the Hokkiens say: a "kay-poh-chi"! Wake up Kutty,and learn to be gracious and give credit where credit is due. You are senile and yesterday's news if you keep yakking bad about Singapore since no one believe 1 iota of your crabby talk!

  5. Tun Mahathir will survive all critics until 2020. You guys are dead wrong about him. Do you think you can Malaysianize this country? No way! Reality is this is the land of the Malay and Malay will continue to be the supreme power.

    If you have the balls, come back and raise your accusation like a gentleman.