Thursday 13 January 2011

Its Najib that we want, not Khairy penyebuk.....

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Its Najib that we want, not Khairy penyebuk.....

Pakatan Rakyat leaders urged Prime Minister Najib Razak to reconsider his decision not to engage in an economic debate with Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim, saying that such a refusal would only deny the citizens their right to get facts correct and directly from the horses mouths.

The ability and tenacity for debate is the hallmark of good governance, leadership and democracy. The measure of a leaders conviction and belief in his or her policies lie in the willingness to advocate, defend and argue his or her case publicly. This is particularly true where free media and transparency are lacking and where the government appears to avoid debating certain policies even in Parliament itself, Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah told Malaysia Chronicle.

So, in light of Datuk Seri Najib Razaks statement that it is unnecessary for the rakyat (citizenry) to decide between the policies of BN and Pakatan Rakyat, it further illustrates arrogance and condescension towards the right of the rakyat to hear arguments from both sides. The fact is the rakyat yearns to know the facts. The right thing to do would be to accept this debate as it involves the most important of policies for the nation. It is not too late.

Over-reliance on spin doctors

The proposal for the debate came from Najibs arch rival Anwar, who issued the challenge after Najib lambasted the Pakatans 100-days reform plan as unsound and would bankrupt the country in two years. Despite the stridency of his rhetoric, most Malaysians knew in their hearts the 57-year old PM would not be able to summon the courage to face his 63-year old political foe. To ensure his own political survival, Najib has pinned manifestly fabricated sodomy charg! es on An war and even suspended him from Parliament.

It shows Najib is not confident. He should have the courage to prove that he has better policies than Anwar and explain these in person and face to face. But it looks like Najib is unable to function without crafted speeches and tutorials from his spin doctors, Seri Setia assemblyman Nik Nazmi told Malaysia Chronicle.

Interest in the Anwar-Najib debate has flared up, underscoring the concern Malaysians feel about their economy. The middle and low income groups are grappling with inflation that financial analysts have predicted could double to 3.4 per cent in 2011 versus the 1.7 per cent chalked last year. There is also curiosity and sheer dumb-foundedness that Najib could announce a slew of super mega-projects such as the Economic Transformation Programme worth RM1.4 trillion when just months before his own ministers had warned Malaysia could go bankrupt by 2019 if it did not cut subsidies on consumer essentials.

Najib is unable to withstand the pressure of facing Anwar. So far, all his ETP are just empty promises and pie in the sky. In a face-off that is bound to be televised live, he cannot rely on his tutors to spin reasons for him. There will be just too many questions for him to answer, Taiping MP Nga Kor Ming told Malaysia Chronicle.

Give the people the chance to decide

Meanwhile, in a bid to help Najib save face, the Youth wing of his Umno party led by Khairy Jamaluddin has offered to stand in for him. Umno Youth information head Reezal Merican and Youth secretary Megat Firdouz Megat Junid arrived at the PKR's headquarters to hand over the invitation to Anwar on Thursday. They told reporters that Anwar's chief-of-staff accepted their letter.

Such a political debate is important as it helps clarify issues for voters. Many democratic countries hold such debates. PMs refusal shows he is not undemocratic and perhaps fearful. Also KJs! offer t o debate Anwar is impertinent. He is welcome to debate our party Youth leaders, PKR vice president N Surendran told Malaysian Chronicle.

Perhaps, Izzah has summed it up well. Her rationale certainly highlighted the lack of logic in Najib's response.

Let history show and the people judge for themselves in whose interest or disinterest is it for the PM to not only decline but malign the democratic purpose of a debate, especially when it involves billions of the peoples money. Such issues as these touch millions of lives and the very future of our country. If this isnt reason enough for debate, then what is? asked Nurul.

In turning down the debate, Najib had said:

If we want to have a debate, there must be an outcome. I dont see any outcome (in this debate challenge). Whats important is the publics opinion and their evaluation, Najib had said, side-stepping how the public could evaluate when its leaders shied away from open discourse and debate on key issues.

source:malaysian chronicle

Umno Youth was only "pretending" by delivering the invitation, suggesting that their real motive was to deflect attention away Najib. KJ is only pleasing Najib to give him chance to be appointed in Najib's cabinet. What have KJ got to do with government policies and steering the economy?

Kita mahu orang nombor 1, 1Malaysia yang mempunyai dealing terus dengan dasar2 ekonomi negara bukan hantar KJ budak berhingus,walaupun ketua pemuda tapi tak terlibat langsung dengan dasar2 gomen Najib 1Malaysia....



  1. 'If we want to have a debate, there must be an outcome. I dont see any outcome (in this debate challenge).'

    The outcome would be public's opinions after the debate, which should influence the next general election. Isn't it obvious?

  2. Agreed it should not be Khairy or any other minister to debate Anwar. At worst, BN should send the minister in charge of the economy or finance..oops.. that's Najib too! Looks like the PM got himself in a bind there. But hold on, there is Idris Jala. Problem is the public may not be able to understand his WTF YTA ETP NKEA NKRA GTP IDK GDP ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ.....BLA BLA!


  3. An essential debate surrounding government funding for Economic Transformation Programme that undertake investment of billions of ringgit is legitimate, and all sides have the right to be heard. The concerns about government political activities and their relationship to Government Link Companies or Menteri Kewangan Diperbadankan (MKD Companies) and the government delegitimizing and demonizing the PR 100 days campaign are current Rakyat issues. Debating and criticism of issues affecting the Rakyat between BN and PR is critical and valid. It should be between Najib and Anwar. Not KJ and Anwar. Have some class and decorum lah Tuan Reezal Merican.

  4. We, the rakyat want General lawan General as in Najib debate with Anwar. We dont want General vs some water boy as in Anwar debate with Khairy.

    Come on Najib, we the rakyat want to hear you out.

  5. Najib is a coward.
    Although Anwar is not a perfect person, at least he has the courage to stay and fight the sodomy case.
    That's why he's earned the respect of the Malays.

  6. Bro... it is not a secret that Khairy is desperately struggling to be in the cabinet. Sorry, but I cannot recall a youth chief without a cabinet post. Mungkin ada, but not as desperatelah. This fler only knows when to open his mouth when the opportune comes. He cannot even out talk Zaid Ibrahim (ref: Aljazera 101). I promise you that is all he does. Making a fool out of himself. You should not even be bothered by this nobody. Just a tin kosong. Recently when he found out that he is not listed as a candidate for the next GE, to save-face, he immediately announces that he would not be re-contesting the Rembau seat. Want to stay low lah konon. This fler is predictable. Typical UMNO.

    Umi Hafilda Ali...ha... this is someone you should write and I’d love to read about. This f_ck-faced has a price tag for patriotism.In tune of RM700m. Kah-chinggggg..!

  7. How can he dare speak out and speak up..his balls have long been twisted and sold!

    MAN OF NO BALLS! oopps sex not not sure !

  8. He is spending the money that his great great grandpa left behind...why should anyone question HIM ?

  9. Why should DSAI debate third rate Ministers and UMNO Youth leaders who can't even command a Deputy's Minister's post?

    De facto leaders of the Opposition should debate with their peers, not coolies and minions! That's why Obama debated with McCain.

    And if Rosemajib does not understand it, the purpose of a debate is to see if he has the balls and wherewithal to publicly defend his ETP and convince the electorate he knows and understands what he is stalking about. Especially since the first project he announced for $43 billion for cronies will be 100% Govt funded when he earlier said 93% of ETP funding will be private-sector borne! What a filthy lie!

    In short we want to see if he has real credibility or it's all Con-sultants and Croney-speak funded to the tune of over $100 million with Taxpayer's hard earned money.

    I don't think Rosemajib has the cojones or chutzpah to take on Anwar or even Guan Eng. In the real world that's what counts.

    Rosemajib is a con man and empty vessel, a wasted space!

    And why hasn't his Govt still not investiagted who gave the orders to the two cops to C4 blast and kill Altantuya? Why no desire to explore the motive for the killing of an innocent human being?

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  10. And as for that woman who has no life, all I can say is:

    Hell hath no fury like a "virgin" scorned! Born again "virgin"? Muahaha!

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  11. Ever since DSAI b*tch slapped the drooling minister, Najis has been sh*t scared of the day when he has to debate DSAI. Behind closed doors, the bugger talked as if he owns Malaysia but in the open, his balls totally shrinks. Is this the type of PM Malaysia want??


  12. Come to think about it, I think Najis balls are even smaller than Koh Tsu Koon's. Perhaps FatMama could enlighten all concerned rakyat with some proof eh?