Saturday 1 January 2011

Nothing is what it seems…

Is this what we deserve? When did you first realize that nine times out of ten the possibility of life throwing you a curve ball happens? Nothing is real everything is an illusion. To those of you that read my recent write “The truth, nothing but the truth?”
and question my motives for writing so, I suggest you not overlook the question marked I placed at the end of that title. To those of you that know what it is that I normally do write about, that piece must have perplexed you to the extreme.  There actually is a complimentary mention of Najib! “With each day he has grown in stature as a national leader and as an individual” Why?

What I do is to look at situations as I see it and try to tell it as I see it. I am not right all the time and I am not wrong all the time but I will still write. Najib’s responsibility is to ensure that Barisan Nasional is victorious come the 13th General Election and he will do what he has to do to ensue that or he will be out of a job.

He has taken Perak from Pakatan Rakyat and now he will attempt to take Selangor. The probability of Najib succeeding is greatly enhanced by Tan Sri Khalid having to fight a rear guard battle with his own party whilst Najib is already outflanking him from all directions. That is the reality of politics.

When you enter politics be prepared to say goodbye to what you have. Power, position, support….all erodes over time. And too soon all will be taken from you and you are then consigned to the “has been” heap. Selangor is the “trophy wife’….and “trophy wives” are always susceptible to the pull of many variables. In the best of times Selangor would have required constant vigilance to prevent it from falling into the hands of the enemy. This is not the best of times for Khalid or PKR.

King Solomon terrible verdict to have a baby cut in half so that each mother claming the child to be hers could receive half of the child reflects what PKR must decide in Selangor. Will PKR fall in behind Khalid and do what they have to do to retain Selangor or will they rather have Selangor be Barisan Nasional’s again just so that Khalid will no longer be MB? If only there was a King Solomon from within the ranks of BN or PR…if only.            

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  1. Sir, you were right, i did not notice the "?" at the end of your title. I sent you comment just now after reading your previous post "the truth & nothing but the truth?". But i thought you left a lot of things, but i sincerely do not believe that you are that type after having regularly read your posts. I was asking myself, why you wrote what you did. That's how the questions of "unsaid" things came about.

    Anyway, your position has been clarified. Thanks.