Tuesday 11 January 2011

Ready, steady...can go or not?

Soon there will be war. Soon the battle to take back our country from BN will start.

And Selangor PKR is talking about going ahead with a proposed constitution amendment THAT THEY KNOW THEY WILL LOSE!

PAS has to guarantee that they will remain loyal to Pakatan Rakyat!

And Guan Eng is wrestling with the Yang Dipertua Kontraktor Melayu Pulau Pinang about a “I said. You said” situation?

What about the bigger picture? What about putting your heads together to see how you all are going to face the overwhelming odds of the entire Federal Government machinery and the corrupting influence of money that are now being marshalled and directed by UMNO towards Pakatan Rakyat?

Surely Pakatan Rakyat know it’s time. No more rhetoric. No more of making headline-grabbing statement without offering real solutions. We have no interest that Selangor committed treason in 1993. Or the promise that ALLAH made to non-Muslims.

This is what we want to know. Within Pakatan Rakyat who will lead. Whose words can be believed and will be acted upon by all within the coalition. Who amongst you will speak for PR about what PR will do for our economy, on education – on the matters that the people are interested in. When will Pakatan Rakyat be ready for battle against Barisan Nasional? You are not ready now.

See what Najib is doing. See MIC changing President–out with the old, in with the new. Go find out what MCA and the other coalition partners are doing. Forget 2010. It is now 2011. Deal with Ibrahim Ali with the respect that he deserve – a potential force able to help nudge Barisan Nasional towards victory.

Start working in earnest with MCLM. Get them to sit at the same table as you in your deliberations to define Pakatan Rakyats direction towards efforts to win the 13th General Elections. Ignore MCLM at your own peril.

Deliberate if DSAI can effectively lead PR up to and beyond the 13th general election. Anoint a number two if need be to prepare for any eventualities. No compromise on keeping promises made to the people for good, open and clean governance. At all times the people and Nation takes precedence over party and personal interest. There is absolutely no room for compromise on these issues.

While we are waiting for Pakatan Rakyat to put its house into order, Najib is already leading his team towards the 13th General Election. He meets with 105 Basrisan Nasional MP’s to evaluate chances of retaining seats won by BN in 2008. He has the Selangor State Government on the defensive. DSAI is locked in his Sodomy Two trial. Najib creates mischief by arranging a meeting with PAS. Every step, every move that Najib makes is calculated to inflict damage on PR’s ability to be a credible force come the 13th general election...and he is gaining ground everyday!

So please PR–cukup lah. Don’t play play.

Get your act together NOW. This is not a wake-up call, not a friendly reminder and not even a tujuk ajar. We the people are telling you that we have not written BN off. We Malays still have one leg in UMNO’s camp (albeit it is our left leg!) but all our instincts tell us to go with Pakatan Rakyat. All it takes for PR to lose our vote is a change in our perception.

Our perception that PR is no longer the credible alternative to BN. Our perception that PR leaders are not committed to the greater good of the people and the country. Our perception that Selangor has been badly managed by PKR. Our perception that the government has got a case against DSAi for Sodomy two. Our perception that PAS had talks with UMNO to explore means of working together for the good of the Malays. The perception that the leaders of PR are held together not because it is the right thing to do but that without this alliance between three strange bedfellows they will lose to BN – and so all will stay together for now and sort out any problems AFTER winning the 13th General Elections. 

The people are too intelligent to buy that. Just as we know that Najib’s meeting with BN MP’s is as much a PR exercise as a way to gauge for himself BN’s readiness for battle –we also know that Najib tries. The people understand the need for the PR coalition but you must make it work now and after the election. The stakes are too high for the people to give their votes to PR simply because we are desperate to get BN out. So please PR get your act together. This election is for you to lose.


  1. Too late. PR is be trounced by BN in GE13.

  2. Dear Steadyaku47,

    You wrote "The stakes are too high for the people to give their votes to PR simply......."

    But I say the stake is even higher if the people give their votes to BN the Evil.


  3. Please share this link:

    One of UMNO guy giving his speech on non-Malay votes. Thanks for fighting for all Malaysian.

    Dedicated Malaysian

  4. Many have indicated that the GE13 would be below sea level situation for PR. It must be asked: how did it come to this? Is it because now we have plenty of disgruntled PR supporters who don’t know what’s at stake if they don’t vote for PR?

    Don’t be manipulated by the politicians/bloggers. Don’t listen to ANY special interest groups. NONE of these groups have YOUR best interests at heart.

    Look at your own life and ask who is going to improve MY life? Who is going to improve our beloved nation? Who is going to protect our children's future? Answer those questions honestly for yourself and then go out and vote in the GE13.

    The importance of bloggers in modern politics dictates that every political party is required to have a blogger strategy and focus. It is unfortunate that some bloggers want to bury PR for reason(s) best known to them. "Not that they love PR less but that they love Malaysia more".

    But I posit, to lose with honour is a lot more commendable than winning by using slick media spin tactics, spruiking, bullying and intimidating the movable minds of the readers.

    Yes, PR will be the underdog in this GE13. Its only chance to form an alternative government will be to campaign and convince the Rakyat on its ideas and competence to govern the country through a no-nonsense-plain-straight-talking approach.

  5. MCLM should contest. Propose Malik stand in urban Setiawangsa.