Wednesday 12 January 2011

cakap cakap : Mahathir

O dear GOD, I should have known that I would never be able to understand Tun Dr Mahathir. After all I am just an old Bugis  seeing out my last few years of life quietly in Adelaide while he is a first class idiot. And if idiots could fly, PWTC would be busier then Heathrow!

I woke up this morning to this:

Dr M warns of Singapore fate for Kg Baru Malays

January 11, 2011

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 11 - Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed claimed today there are signs Malays could lose their voice in government, and issued a warning that the Kampung Baru Malay community here could suffer the fate of their ethnic cousins in Singapore who are scattered around the republic.

The former prime minister wrote in his blog that while Malaysia is being governed by a Malay majority government that cares for the fate of Malays, “let us not be so sure that there will never be a government where the voice of Malay representatives is removed.”

He writes in his blog Hari ini Kerajaan Malaysia dianggotai oleh majoriti orang Melayu yang prihatin terhadap nasib orang Melayu. Janganlah kita yakin tidak akan wujud Kerajaan di mana suara wakil Melayu tenggelam hapus. Tanda-tanda ini boleh berlaku sudah pun ternampak.”

Translation: “let us not be so sure that there will never be a government where the voice of Malay representatives is removed.”

And the BN government talks about 1Malaysia? First the realities. This is Malaysia:

Estimated Population in Malaysia for2007.
27.17 million (93% citizens; 7% non-citizens)
Malaysian citizens comprise:
Bumiputera       66.4%

Chinese             24.9%

Indians                7.5%

Others                 1.3%

The Malays totally – I repeat totally – dominate numerically. The Malays control the Armed Forces. PDRM. RELA and any other organization that is tasked with looking “after the security” of the nation. The Army camps are located strategically to ensure that they have control over all major urban areas. PDRM have Police Stations positioned to enable the Police to have effective control over all the population (especially the non-Malays) in the urban and rural areas.

BN is UMNO and UMNO is BN. Pakatan Rakyat understand that without PAS and PKR it is dead – and both these parties are Malay dominated parties.

Mahathir tells us that Tanda-tanda ini boleh berlaku sudah pun ternampak.”
These ‘tanda tanda” of the Malays losing their voice has happened on whose watch? Was it not UMNO that has control over all things political since independence? Was is not you that was Prime Minister for over 22 of the past 30 years?

Or are the Malays losing their voice because of what has been done by UMNO under your leadership in the past 22 years? That instead of strengthening the Malays race what you did was to erode every dignity and integrity of your own race by the policies implemented by your government? By the corruption, avarice and abuse that your government and UMNO practices you imposed upon the Malays the burden of shame for having to answer to the other races for the abuses of your self and UMNO? And you talk about the Malays losing their voice in Malaysian politics?

No Tun, you are to be blamed. That you now say that the Malays might lose their voice in this country is a damming indictment of yourself by yourself, of what abuse you and UMNO have perpetrated upon the Malays. Cukup lah Tun.  Age does not always bring wisdom. Sometimes age comes alone. In your case this is never truer.


  1. This preoccupation about Malays losing control in Malaysia is so unnecessary because of all the points you have mentioned already. Yet we are reminded by past and present Umno leaders of the dangers of Malays (read Umno) losing control.

    Some Chinese are really good at making money by using connections with those in political power. The fact that we have a few billionaires does not mean there are no poor Chinese. Some Malays are worried when they perceive the Chinese getting contracts like the IPPs (while others are more like sub-contracts), and make money out of them. It would be naive to think YTL or AK (Indian) get them without some form of kickbacks to Umno or their leaders (Umno has a finger in every mega pie). The main difference seems to be that the Chinese are able to maintain and even increase their wealth, while the Malays got rich the easy way and squander easily too.

    With Kg. Baru, it would have been better to save it for the Malays (to avoid any protests now or later), and as someone suggested, should be the site for Warisan Merdeka as an icon of Malay pride.

  2. “let us not be so sure that there will never be a government where the voice of Malay representatives is removed.”

    Bro, at state level, Penang, Kelantan, Kedah and Selangor, which are govern by PKR, I wish to ask, has the voice of Malay representatives removed? After all, what is so important with the Malay voice being represented when the country is run to the edge of bankruptcy or already bankrupted for that matter?

    Penang being the envy of all (although many Malays may not agree) is fortunate to have LGE as CM. I say we extend that fortune to the whole of Malaysia. LGE for PM.

    I had recently brought this (LGE for PM) out to a group of colleagues during our late afternoon teh tarik session and the immediate respond was, “dia tu cina lah, bro”. And I retorted with “kurang-kurangnya kita dan dia tahu yang dia tu cina. Confirm cina. Kau dan aku ni siapa? Melayu ke? Jawa? Banjar? Bugis? Minang? Mamak? Pakistan? Turki? Indon?.......Philipino?” And right after, there was an unpleasant silence and ill at ease smirky faces all around.

    My grandfather is a Bugis. My grandmother is a Thai. What is my father? My mother is from Aceh. What am I?

  3. Agree with you! Only the best for our country. LGE for PM is a logical choice -cakap serupa bikin!

  4. Finally I get it!
    All of us have been wondering why TDM is racist to the core, right?
    It comes from his roots! His Indian caste system!! Yes, he is the Maha Brahmin while the rest are all below him.
    Aaaarrrggghhh Pttuuiiii!


  5. I stumbled upon your blog recently thru' someone's forwarded email. I'm amazed with that article you've written about the Selangor Sultan. Frankly speaking you are very brave. Then today I realized that you are not residing in Bolehland but in Aussieland. Lucky chap.

    Then I randomly read one after another of your no-holds-barred articles and one thing for sure, very true, I think you have pointed out the facts of life in Bolehland.

    We are all very angry but helplessly feeling vulnerable to this daylight robbery of rakyat's money, corrupt of the corrupts, how so-called mega projects that run into billions ringgit (no more millions) which are largely exaggerated and worse of all being racist with policies that not supposed to be.

    Till the day we need to identify ourselves as Malay, Chinese or Indian, WE ARE NOT 1MALAYSIA. Malaysia is for Malaysians!