Wednesday 19 January 2011

Malaysians risk lives in rush for spilled coins

January 19, 2011, 2:41 p

Malaysian motorists risked their lives to scoop up thousands of coins spilled on a highway after the vehicle carrying the currency overturned, reports said Wednesday.
Dozens of people abandoned their cars along the side of the North-South Expressway, one of the country's main transport arteries, and frantically filled their pockets, helmets and plastic bags with the coins.
The melee caused a traffic jam on either side of the overturned four-wheel drive vehicle, which left 70,000 ringgit (nearly $23,000) in coins strewn across the road on Tuesday.
"Fortunately, both of us escaped with minor injuries," said 28-year-old driver Zairulhisham Mansor, who along with a friend had been transporting the coins to shops in the resort town of Malacca.
The New Straits Times said that the coin-hunters ignored police demands to clear the road.


  1. Bro, uncle zorro (zorro unmasked) has got the correct respond to this and I repeat "what would you expect from the people whose government is on a grap fest mode. Monkey see, monkey do mah".

  2. We still won't learn from S'pore. It has banned gwaking at accidents. For those who want to gamble on the registration numbers of the vehicles, I understand these are announced on the radio - I hope this is not a joke. This way, there is no excuse to stop, except for the first few who stop to aid victims.