Monday 24 January 2011

The SULTANS : Our Money their Cars.


Tengku Ampuan Bariah Trengganu

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Two Princes fight over a Bentley Brooklands 

Two Malaysian princes have finally achieved an out-of-court settlement, finishing a row over who had the right to use the Bentley owned by their father.

The dispute between the sons of Sultan Tengku Ismail Petra has humiliated the royal household of Malaysia's eastern Kelantan state and wound up a recent power struggle among palace figures while the sultan was stricken by a heart-related illness.

Tengku Muhammad Fakhry Petra, the sultan's third son, took his eldest brother, Tengku Muhammad Faris, to court last September to seek an order that he had the right to use the Bentley Brooklands uber-coupe worth £330,000.
Fakhry assumed he had paid for the car in 2008 for his father's and own use, even though the sultan was registered as the official owner. In July, representatives of Faris took away the car while Fakhry was abroad and refused to give it back to him.

Fakhry's lawyer, Haaziq Pillay, told the Kuala Lumpur High Court that Fakhry was withdrawing his action on the wishes of his father, who will determine who gets to use the car. Mr Haaziq said Fakhry managed to use the car recently and has no objections if his brother also wants to drive it.
Faris did not explain why he apprehended the car, but insisted in a court statement earlier this year that Fakhry's lawsuit was "frivolous".

Sultan Ismail's illness over the past year has resulted in a scuffle between his sons and their allies for influence over palace decisions and, potentially, succession to the throne. The feud dribbled into the public eye, offering a rare glimpse into the lives of royal households that generally enjoy immense privacy and privilege.


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    Will they take heed?

  2. Surely the Sultans and the Agong are relevant - if not why were they invented ??? The problem here is failure to have humility and the inability to appreciate what the rakyat endures - we all know what happened to the Tsars and the Luis' ... lets hope the Malay rulers are smarter and remain relevant ? Kudos to Sultan Terengganu for being the best Agong to date.

    What do Malaysians think of Tengku Faris i wonder???

  3. (sigh) What to do. If our royalty uses Viva as their official car, people would think that we are a poor nation.

    If they use Lexus Hybrid, that would be a good symbolism...