Wednesday 26 January 2011

PLA Chinese Military


  1. Bro....interestingly did anyone die in the process of procuring all those arms? These arms I am sure are procured in the interest of the defense of the nation unlike you know where it is done for the interest of fattening you know whose pockets. Never mind if they cannot swim, fly or fire. Show this video to you know who and the eye ball will be rolling with dollar signs and mouth wide open with spit drooling.

  2. Bro…. I am sure, except for the euro fighter, all those arms are manufactured locally in China by the Chinese.

    Dang! No excuse of having a beautiful interpreter to have an affair with and later C4ed for the procurement process.

  3. No worries whatsoever mate, Aussies have Croc Dundee while US has Rambo, backed up by Chuck Norris and The Hoff.
    Malaysia? May be Shrekie RoastMama without make-up, now that will scare the sh*t of a whole platoon of toughies.


  4. Sir,

    Betul ke Dr Ridhuan Tee mahu belanja lebih supaya Malaysia leap frog into first world?

    Kalau betul, ramai lagi yang akan kena C4.

  5. Our defence minister must be drooling, not so much over the hardware but what he could have gotten for their procurement!