Monday 3 January 2011

What money can’t buy for UMNO

In my moments of mental clarity I try to understand why is that UMNO/BN are so forgiving of those amongst them that have sinned – those amongst them that have brought shame to UMNO/BN because of money politic, sexual indiscretions or because they have gone against the interest of their own party. Why take back Mahathir when he has left UMNO and done so much damage in his going? Why appoint JJ to be our Ambassador to the US of A when he has been dubbed YB Raba Raba? …….And then it dawned upon me!

In a den full of thieves and fornicators, who do these thieves and fornicators want to be sharing the den with? Other thieves and fornicators of course!    

To UMNO what money can’t buy is not worth having. Who wants open government, transparency and accountability – not these politicians! These politicians have soared too high and too long that they now think themselves invincible. How else can you explain what is going on in our country? We have a government that no longer pretends to effect good governance in the manner they rule our country. Everyday in power means manna from heavens for these politicians. Not only are they busy converting the converted into greed, money politics and deceit – they are  “rehabilitating” their fallen/convicted comrades and welcoming these comrades back into their fold enthusiastically with wondrous appointments to high public office at the expense of our country honor and against our people wishes. 

Fittingly Mahathir was the first leader of any significance to be brought back into UMNO after he was sacked from the UMNO Supreme Council on 12 July 1969, following his distribution to the public of his letter to Tunku Abdul Rahman, the Prime Minister at that time. In his letter, he had criticised the manner in which Tunku Abdul Rahman had handled the country's administration which was believed to favour the ethnic Chinese. Dr. Mahathir was subsequently relieved of his party membership on 26 September. Mahathir rejoined UMNO on 7 March 1972.

In May 2008 Mahathir again announced his resignation from UMNO and urged other members to follow suit as a way of pressuring Abdullah, then President of UMNO and Prime Minister of Malaysia, to to step down. Mahathir rejoined UMNO after Abdullah Ahmad Badawi stepped down as Prime Minister in 2009. To date not only is his ability to pull the strings within UMNO undiminished but his son is also in Cabinet! 

I watch with fascination in 2009 when UMNO fielded Isa Samad as their candidate in the Bagan Pinang state by-election. The same Isa Samad who was suspended for three years from UMNO by UMNO for money politics in the 2004 UMNO elections. Isa Samad rewarded UMNO’s belief in him by winning that by-election. You scratch my back I scratch yours! UMNO trumpeted that Isa’s victory meant that the voters were returning to BN fold. Maaf but I beg to differ….for me I see the return of Isa into UMNO’s fold as confirmation that money politics is alive and well in UMNO and it is business as usual for UMNO. 

Then quietly they brought back Rahim Thambi Chik. This man was Chief minister of Malacca from 1982 to 1994. This was the same Tan Sri whom a 15-year-old Muslim schoolgirl admitted, together with 15 others, to having sex with. Whereas the 14 men, on the basis of her police report, were all charged in court, this Tan Sri was never charged or detained because the Police never asked her to make a police report on that Tan Sri. And the then Attorney General Mohtar Adullah had decided not to prosecute this Tan Sri because “for the Attorney General to institute investigations, a police report was required; as no police report was issued on Mr. Rahim Tamby Chik, the Attorney General was unable to institute investigations regarding him”. You really cannot argue against that kind of illogical logic! No report no investigation lah!

By 2008, (14 years after his disgraceful episode of statutory rape) this Tan Sri Rahim Abdul Rahim Thamby Chik, and then UMNO supreme council member, was qualified to contest the post of vice-president in the UMNO elections. Today he is amongst his peer. He is Chairman of Risda. He is also President of Gabem – Gagasan Badan Ekonomi Melayu, Executive Chairman of ARTAC Holdings Sdn Bhd, Chairman of Yayasan Penggerak Wawasan (YPW) and all round member of the UMNO first tier leaders club.

JJ is unique. It pays when you have Najib by his balls. Straight from being dubbed Menteri Raba Raba he was sent to Washington to be appointed our highest-ranking diplomat in the United State of America. That a country will usually appoint highly respected individuals to these postings was a technicality that Najib choose to ignore (possibly because JJ had him by the balls anyway).  

Now in the process of being brought back into the fold is Shahidan Kassim. This is a serial womanizer who sees himself more as a Casanova who combines his regular exercise routine while MB of Perlis with exercises of the sexual kind. Somebody must have inform him that having sex is as good as a good brisk 8 mile hike. He either did one or the other on a regular basis. In the process he had fathered at least one child and was responsible for a number of young Perlis Malay girls to come into the family way – abortions were arranged to resolve these unwanted pregnancies.

And now another Senior Minister will have need of rehabilitation…though they would first have to arranged a plausible graceful exit for him from cabinet –then possible a trial of some sort if Indonesia insists on one with some form of compensation being arranged for the young lady involved – and soon after a reasonably decent interval – bring him back into UMNO’s fold. This time possibly as Mayor of Greater KL if UMNO is still around. If not we will probably find this Senior Minister in exile abroad.

Then there are the other small fry like Ibrahim Ali and Ezam Mohd Nor…and the list goes on. 

So for UMNO what money cannot buy is the experience of those within UMNO that have already partake in money politics and pleasures of the flesh outside marriage. These experienced veterans are required to come back into the fold and pass on to others within UMNO the benefit of their experience in these areas. And these crooks and serial sexual predators are held in high esteem and much reverence within UMNO and are given appointments of high public office to give them the stature of respectability and decency that they have unwittingly cast aside by their need to fornicate outside marriage and their avarice of things financial. 

But all this aside I guess there is no greater comfort for thieves and fornicators then to be in the same company as other thieves and fornicators! 


  1. Hussein,
    This so called Scumbags Malays profess their own kind of Islam.Guess they are stretching their luck by deceiving the Allmighty God!
    They haven'nt tasted the wrath of God yet as they are'nt afraid of Judgement day.
    This is the downfall of the malays one day.

  2. UMNO-BN no matter how dirty, Malaysians will still return them to power after each GE because Malaysians generally are pretty 3rd world in their mindsets.

    GE13 ... we will see PR being routed in Selangor.

  3. Right on brother! Not only within Umno but also in the company they keep - MCA with an adulterer president, "cheater" corrupt former president, others in PKFZ scandal - MIC with good old Samy, the god of corruption & gangsterism.

  4. Sir, is there anyway you could HELP searching for our 'Yayasan Guru' where I've invested RM200 since 1997
    ? TQ.

  5. The SILA factor in Buddhist teaching and practice should preclude voting for politicians devoid of good morals, with no exceptions. I hope all practitioners will bear this in mind come next GE and subsequent ones.


  6. Salam.,

    Quite the same, its befitting for a bribe ridden, inadequate acumen in logical thinking and the general lack of moral obligation to do the needful of the population at large, ending up electing leaders like umno.

    Our hopes are on our children. The aged population is too stupid and insecure to bring about transparency and change to our beloved country.

    The early framework of leadership, the justice system and every law enforcing institution of the country had been compromised by mahathir and his fat bunch of spineless mentally retarded kris weilding men to their liking.

    The odds are those who reads utusan, metro, kosmo and those scums 'hantu' tabloid magazine which produces insecure, intellectual insulting soul amongst us.

    Nevertheless, lets us all stand up and do what we can. InsyaAllah, some time in the near future we shall prevail.

  7. everyone is on silent mode on the rape question? why? one way to do this is to pay the victim off and ask to issue denial and then only come out with statement.well that is one scenario.

  8. Hussein,

    Wishing you & family Selamat Tahun Baru 2011!

    Just to share this with you...

    YouTube - Al Jazeera arab self-criticism MEMRI TV -

    June 03, 2009 - Caricature of Arab megalomania, ridicule, and self-destroying lies. A must see...

    Does this sound familiar in Bolehland's Ketuanan UMNO/BN?

    You be the judge.