Saturday 21 February 2015

cakap cakap...rafizi - tipu mesti tipu!


  •                                                                                                                                             When we say that the Rakyat is no longer  gullible enough to accept whatever is being told to them where does it say that that that does NOT include what you say? Where does it say that you can get away with saying anything you want to say? 

    Let us get  a few things out of the way first. BN jailed Anwar because they have enough evidence that sodomy took place. Anybody with enough grey matter inside their head can figure out for themselves what happened. 

    What we are angry about is that BN politicians have done more mischief and created more havoc than Anwar - and they have got away with it. None have been punished. That is the fundamental issue with sodomy two. Arguing that there are enough reasons to NOT convict  Anwar is academic. 

    Now as for Najib offering the DPM position and 4 minister post to Anwar Ibrahiim if he forsakes PR - please lah brother...go tell that to the marines or the UTK people. Can you just imagine how Anwar would use this suppose offer from Najib to bury Najib, BN and UMNO? Huh....he can win Putrajaya without waiting for the next GE just on this alone!

    We are not buffoons,morons or village idiots! Najib might have approached Anwar to discuss him leaving PR - that I can believe. But the DPM post and 4 Ministers...come on lah brother tell me something I can believe.......Like maybe Umno and PAS are in negotiations to be one.      

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