Monday 9 February 2015

The question now is what will the people do?

Everyday we are confronted by events and happenings that challenges our capacity to comprehend and make sense of the world that we live in. 

Burning a caged human being, recording that event and posting it on the WWW for the world to view defies superlatives. It defies one's ability to understand the extent one human will go to harm another human being for reasons best known only to himself. 

If you see this as reason enough for America and Jordan to unleash a revenge that will be "earth shattering" then consider this. How does one death justify the killing of many human beings? Killed by bombs dropped from great heights without regard for the harm and death it rains on the people below? 

And so the troubles in the  Middle East hurls itself towards greater heights of atrocities, greater heights of cruelty and depravity towards each other ...hurls itself spiraling towards oblivion while we again bear witness to the harm that men can and will do to each other for whatever reasons that moves them.

For the most part we are merely observers of such depravity.

Closer to home we see a Thailand in flux. Indonesia trying to advance towards some semblance of order and decency even as it's President thinks that death by firing squad of drug smugglers is the only way to stop the drug menace that threatens to overwhelm many Indonesians - especially the young. Death by firing squad when they are already many nations that have abolish the death penalty for any crime.  

Brunei has an autocratic Sultan who is bent upon regressing his country back to the ways of fundamental Islam - back to the ways of amputation and beheading for crimes that the west would at best, consider a misdemeanor and at worse, punishable with a few months in jail. Is this the work of a Sultan suddenly reformed from his own deprave ways of old or that of a Sultan who thinks that there is one rule for the commoner and one for royalty?

Singapore's success has allowed its government many liberties  - including the taking of same from its own citizens - but success breeds success and there is nothing on the horizon that seems able to throw a spanner in the spokes of the reigning government today or in the foreseeable future no matter what it does to stifle dissent within that island city state.  

Everywhere around Malaysia there is flux and uncertainties for the future but the sense of possibilities in these countries seems endless because these uncertainties are driven by the people who want change and they have leaders who understands the wants of their people. Their leaders, for the most part, are able, willing and wanting to move in tandem with the demands of their electorates for it they do not, change will overtake them. 

And from time to time in Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines the people will do what they deem is necessary to hurry that process. Singapore moves to a beat of its own for they know that any rumblings from the masses, if not entertained, could harm the economic well being of an Island State  that prides it self as the financial hub of Asia if not a large part of the globe. Thus Singapore is adept at adapting to suit prevailing conditions.

Everywhere there are check and balances to ensure that leaders in government are proactive rather than reactive when it comes to the way they conduct themselves in government. 

Not so Malaysia. 

Half a century of continuous Umno led BN governments have given Umno the opportunity and the means to diminish if not eliminate the checks and balances that keeps democratic fundamentals alive within the electoral process of Malaysia. When this is coupled with the political will to re engineered our population demographics to their advantage, the political will to use race and religion to consolidate their political hold over all things Malaysian and the insidious use of money for political gain - we have the Malaysia we have now!   

And now we have this government borrowing RM2 billion from a private individual to pay for a wholly owned government entity's debt  - 1MDB.  

And so we go back to the first sentence of this article : 

Everyday we are confronted by events and happenings that challenges our capacity to comprehend and make sense of the world we live in.     

How does Najib Razak explain this? How does anyone explain this? A government owned entity desperate enough to borrow from a businessman to pay a debt past due.  You do not have to be a student of high finance to understand what is happening here. Our nation is now beholden to Ananda because for each give they will also be a take.  

Just as they understand that even though Altantuya was killed by two UTK operatives, the order to do so came from higher up - did it go as high as Najib Razak? 

Just as they understand that in the last election more Malaysian voted for the opposition than for BN.

Just as they understand that the conviction of Anwar Ibrahim is driven by the political needs of Umno.

Just as they understand what us happening to 1MDB today.

The question now is what will the people do?

What will they do to find out the truth about the murder of Altantuya?  

What will they do if Anwar Ibrahim is incarcerated.

What will they do when`1MDB fails.     

What will they do at the next general election?

What ever the people will do I would not want to be standing in their way. 

Nor should Najib Razak and the many others in BN who, by the things they do (being corrupt, arrogant and abusive) and by the things they do not do (good governance) have been the cause of our nation's dire financial state and are the reason why our people's are now almost at each other's throat as race and religion are increasingly used by them to divide and rule the people  for political gain.                  

There is so much pent up frustration, anger and hostility for the abuse heaped upon our people by these BN leaders that I fear for their physical safety should people's power ever become a force as powerful as it was in the Philippines during the time they ousted Marcos, in Indonesia when the communists became the target of the peoples ire and in Thailand where from time to time the people have become the force for change.

Today Malaysians anger is not only directed at one individual as the Filipinos anger was towards Marcos.

Today Malaysian hostility is not towards a race or any political persuasion as the Indonesian were towards the Chinese and the communists.

Today Malaysians are not driven by any individual who used money and his ability to organize the rural population to take political power as Thaksin did in Thailand.

Today Malaysians are united against a corrupt, arrogant and irresponsible political party - BN. Malaysians are disgusted by the leadership - or he lack of it - of an inept and clueless leader in the guise of Najib Razak and Malaysians certainly have had enough of the abuse and blatant misuse of political power for personal gain.            

Malaysian has had enough of all this but will they now do enough to put a stop to over five decades of the abuse and misuse of political power by BN? 

Your guess is as good as mine. 

Let us wait and see as events unfold tomorrow - 10th February - a Tuesday. All that is needed to be done by the defense has been done to plead Anwar's case. All that is left is for the courts to dispense justice in a case that will cause the eventual downfall of an inept leader and the ousting of a negligent government - if not immediately then certainly at the next general election not too far away! 

Whatever is decided by the court, the government of Najib Razak must know by now that this is another one of those situation where they are f**ked if Anwar wins and f**ked if Anwar loses! All I can say to Najib is f**k yourself up you stupid idiot!

These are indeed interesting times that we now live in!

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