Monday 23 February 2015

cakap cakap...Malay girls and their material needs.

Desperate for a better livelihood amid rising cost of living, some Malay girls are offering their virginity in exchange for a luxurious life by targeting rich men in their 30s to fulfill their material needs. One of the girls, 22-year-old student Wati (not a real name), said she advertised herself on Facebook and met a father of two after a few months, after she did a background check on his financial standing. However, the man distanced himself from her after six months as he could no longer sustain her demands as his business was not doing well.

steadyaku47 comment: 

Aiyah these Malay girls sometimes so stupid lah. Why need to sacrifice your virginity to fulfill your material needs? I know of some Malay girls...well ladies actually...well one old lady really ....who is jetting around in private jets, shopping in Milan for Hermes handbags and even going on trips to see heads of government to do what she can for country and King! No need to sell virginity even...already "sold" her virginity to someone else but even "second hand" still got someone who still want..still laku ma!  Now she no need to target rich men to fulfill her material needs because she is rich herself!

Moral of story? 

Go find an Umno politician to marry!  

And I am upset that HARIAN METRO is being racist - as if the Chinese and the Indian girls have no material needs? As if Chines and Indian girls have no virginity to sell! Aisehman you people at HARIAN METRO must think that Chinese and Indian girls are so easy when it comes to their virginity....don't insult them ma! 

In 1Malaysia everyone and everything is same same. If the Malay Girls can sell their virginity in exchange for their material needs so can others! But of course Umno politicians may be a bit hard to come by for the Chinese and Indian girls....such is life!

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