Monday 23 February 2015

Of Bunnings, Maribyrnong, "corner baring" and Cappuccino.

6.06 PM and we just came back from Bunnings in Maribyrnong. Bunnings is a massive hardware and home ware store that has everything you need to build a house...not just for the house but to build a house! 

And Maryibyrnong is a suburb we used to stay in when we first came to Melbourne a few years back. I still remember the first time I heard that suburb mentioned to sounded like "Mari Burong".

My son Zack wanted to get a few things from Bunnings to get his room organized. 

It was drizzling and the weather was what the Malays would call "muram"...not too friendly lah. We managed to get a parking space next to the main entrance reserved for the handicapped - provided you have a permit for it. And we had one because with my wife's dementia we were entitled to one - no problems. 

We got out of the car and headed inside and right at the main door I saw a wheel chair Bunnings had ready for those in need of its use. 

Without much thinking I steered my wife towards it and the Bunnings assistants upon seeing us head towards the wheelchair, came over to assist us make my wife comfortable in it. 

Whooo Ha...for the first time ever I was pushing my wife around in a wheelchair. We spent a good 30mins in Bunnings looking around leisurely with my wife enjoying being pushed around in the wheel chair by me. No "corner baring"  no speeding down the aisle no chance of "masuk longkang". There is a first time for everything and I wanted it to be safe and steady!

I had a singlet on and no socks. By the time we got back to our apartment - sejok nak mampus! The first thing I did was make myself a cappuchino....a real one with my Dolce Gusto cappuccino maker! 

That machine has paid for itself many times over -not only in terms of money spent but also in the pleasure it gives me in having "the right stuff" in my own house at any hour of the day or night. Cappuccino at 3 am in the morning is surreal man! Simply surreal!    

And now on to another thing I enjoy doing on a cool Melbourne evening - having a hot shower before slipping into my sarong and singlet to spend the rest of the evening as I think fit. Every evening without fail  - a sarong and a singlet - kalau sejok sangat....maybe a pullover. 

And I almost forgot....  we had "Foxtel" Pay TV installed this afternoon...ahhh my cup runneth over!

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