Friday 20 February 2015

When you are in a common boat, cross the river peacefully together.

I could probably spin a story to suit any scenario I want in the present political conundrum that passes itself of as "politics" in which a BN government of the majority (really?) does battle with an opposition (PR) that is in so much disarray that it does everything else but oppose.

I can garnered enough "facts" from 'informed and reliable" sources  to convince most Malaysians that Najib akan letak jawatan di dalam masa yang terkini. And from there I could provide you with "concrete evidence" that Mahathir has agreed to return to Government as Senior Minister mentoring his son who will be Prime Minister designate under a Muhyiddin who has been appointed as interim Prime Minister until a decent interval has passed for Mahathir's son to assumed the Prime Ministership.

I can then concoct enough evidence to confirm the beginning of a popular movement that has got together Malays of opposing and dissenting political ideologies and beliefs into ONE mass movement that will swing into position behind Mahathir and his son, united in one belief and one belief only: Malaysia for the Malays. 

Once I get to this point of my "story" I will then report that "reliable sources" have confirmed that the outgoing Prime Minister, Najib Razak, will schedule a press conference within the next few days to announce the impending release from Sugai Buloh of  Anwar  Ibrahim. 

At that same press conference Najib Razak will confirm that PAS and PKR will each have a DPM in the government of Malay unity. With immediate effect MCA and MIC and any other political organization that draws its support from non-Malays and non-Muslims, shall no longer be part of government of the newly incorporated "KETUANAN MELAYU" political front! 

Such are the stuff of half truths, fictions and outright lies yang sedang di sebarkan all over the length and breadth of our country today. "BOLEHLAND" has finally come of age. Everything is possible. No eventualities can be dismissed and there is no end in sight to this ridiculous state of affairs...not even after the fat lady sings.

How does one remain sane in a situation like this? What are we to do when the dawn of each day brings more stories of impossibly moronic capers and acts by people who should know better? 

No less a person than our Prime Minister headlines these acts from the government side and from the opposition side the three numero unos - Anwar, Kit Siang and Hadi are no less able to do same. 

Ajaib tapi Benar - truth is at times stranger than fiction. The state of our nation on all front leaves much to be desired. The business of government is no longer possible. Its only two exponent -  Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat - are otherwise engaged in taking cheap potshot at each other, taking whatever political, personal and financial advantage they can by playing to a gallery of their most avid supporters while ignoring the business of government.  

This week Umno have announced a nationwide campaign to explain what happened in and around Saiful's anus. 

PR are in disarray amongst themselves on issues of religion and the incarceration of Anwar Ibrahim.

Between the two of them the welfare and well being of the Rakyat is a non-event! 

Barisan Nasional is still in government. It conducts itself as though their loss of the popular votes in the last election was not a reflection of the people's desire to kick them out of office. It is still corrupt and still arrogant.    

Pakatan Rakyat conducts itself as though the popular support it obtained from the voters in the last election gives it license for each member of the PR coalition to conduct itself oblivious of the promise made to the people before the election : that of being a united, responsible and open coalition respectful of the people's desire to put behind them any division that race and religion can wreck upon them. Today DAP and PKR are at each other's throat and PKR are effectively divided into two opposing camps - Azizah's and Azmin's.         

We have seen it all before! Leaders losing their grip of the party they lead and more  worrying losing their grip on reality. Delusion sets in. 

Remember Ghaddafi in his last days? Completely delusional! Totally isolated from reality!

Soon,very soon BN and PR will have to meet with reality.

We were once a nation full of laughter - today we are being laughed at, today the laugh is on us and any laughing is done at our expense.

Today there is palpitating sense of impending doom as our values of life and expectations of what to expect from it takes a murderous battering from the very guardians who are tasked with upholding the sanctity, decency and nobleness of it. 

These same guardians are now the object of contempt, derisions and disgust by those of us who have been at the end of this abuse for almost three decades.

Today that contempt, derisions and disgust have long turned to anger and that anger have been channelled into activism against the perpetrators and object of our contempt, derision and disgust  in the most profound of ways - none more potent than the withdrawal of popular support to BN in the last general election.

Let us examine this in the most clear eyed manner we can muster,
  • In the 2004 General Election Barisan Nasional secured 63.9% of the votes.
  • In the 2008 General Election Barisan Nasional secured 50,27% of the votes.
  • In the 2013 General Election Barisan Nasional secured 46.53% of the votes. 
No need to talk about losing two third majority in parliament, no need to quibble about the Election Commission being bias, no need to talk about the rural votes or the Chinese tsunami or about anyone buying the election with BRIM or whatever. For the past three general election BN have been consistently losing votes to the opposition - culminating in the 2013 general election when BN lost the popular vote to Pakatan Rakyat. 

If you are a dedicated follower of all things politics you would have a fair idea where all this is heading to. 

We now have in government, and there are also some in the opposition to, a bunch of self serving arrogant, inept, irresponsible, arrogant idiots bereft of any sense of decency or concern about the state of our nation and the welfare of its people....and more worrying, completely delusional and without the ability to sense the impending doom that threatens them and us, 

For them the loss would be of political power. For us everything else - all the trust and respect we have been building up with each other, all the work we have each done to build our own lives and that of our country...and most disheartening of all, the loss of a decent future. 

In your decision to support BN or PR understand that there are enough good and bad elements in both factions. 

We know the strife Najib and his wife are now in is because they thought that being PM is all about themselves and not about the Rakyat. We know why Najib is now having problems holding on to his job as PM.

We know exactly why PAS,DAP and PKR are trading blows publicly and we know why Anwar Ibrahim is in jail. 

If Hadi wants to be the spoilt brat then DAP and PKR must be cool or they will be the fool. 

All things considered there is really only one matalamat for those who are in politics - political power. 

In the final analysis PR and BN will have to make concessions and do the deals that will take one of them up the road to Putrajaya to form government. Common sense tells us that the next general election is too close to call. So let the politicians make their deals, let them do what they think they must. Once they have decided who will be their friends and who shall be their foe  then when the next general election comes cast your vote - punish those politicians who for whatever reason deserve your disgust and contempt and vote for those who don't.  

For BN and Pakatan Rakyat it would do them both well to remember that when you are in a common boat, cross the river peacefully together.

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