Wednesday 11 February 2015

Something Rotten in Malaysia Tun? Ini the Pot Calling the Kettle Black kut?

Something Rotten
1. Marcellus in Shakespeare’s Hamlet remarked that “something is rotten in the state of Denmark.” Perhaps from the complaints being made by Malaysians about Malaysia one might say there is something rotten in the state of Malaysia.

2. Many of these complaints reach me. I hope I am permitted to detail them here in my blog. People can decide whether things are rotten or not.

steadyaku47 comment:

I see that Che Det is writing about there being something rotten not in Denmark but in Malaysia. Aiseh old man I know something was rotten decades ago - from the time you were PM. That is why I and millions since then cabut lari pergi lain punya negri! Now after 22 years as Prime Minister and 11 years after your retirement, at a time when our country is already on its knees because of corruption, mismanagement and abuse by the Umno led government of the political power  put in their hands by millions of Malaysian, you finally awoke to something we have already known for many many years? And don't anyone tell me that it is better late than never!

Aiseh Tun are you deaf that you cannot hear about the abuses under your watch, are you blind that you cannot see what is rotting around you all this time? 

When did you begun to see these abuses...and more important to me...for what reason are you beginning to see the abuses? 

Because you are concern for the people, the nation and for its future or is it because it serves your purpose to see that there is something rotten in our nation today?

Tun you are an intelligent man. So are many Malaysians. Do not insult our intelligence or yours by pretending that you care about the rotting state of our nation and our people. Since when have you cared? 

Since your son went into politics big time? Since the time that you started to think that there was an opportunity for him to transit from state to federal level if you can discredit Najib and his government by telling us that you have suddenly woke up to the fact that there is something rotten in Malaysia and that Najib is the cause of  it and that Najib must go so that your son can have his turn at being PM? 

Please lah Tun....have the decency to at least be honest with your own self. You can fool some of the people some of the time but not all the people all of the time. Hell Tun for a start you will have difficulty in trying to fool me for any length of time. Bukan pasal saya ni pandai sangat tapi after almost 40 years (and counting!) of having you around in Umno saya tau sangat how you do things! 

You Tun is the culprit responsible for starting the rot in this nation of yours. You Tun started the culture of the end justifies the means. You Tun made a mockery of the open tender process with your negotiated tender,close tender and what ever process was needed to ensure that the tender went to who you wanted it to go for services rendered to you not to our nation.

Remember privatization Tun? A sure fire way for your cronies to make tons and tons of money without any risks whatsoever to them? If they fail the government steps in to bail them out to! 

Remember those insane IPP scams that made some of your cronies insanely wealthy? 

Remember your son's company being bailed out by MISC/Petronas. Eric Chia, Abdullah Ang...hell I can list out all those failed business ventures that was initiated and pushed by you to benefit your cronies at the nation's expense - all failed all rotten! 

Putrajaya, KLIA, Twin Towers....massive rorts all at the expense of our nation, our people. And Proton -  that national car project that has been bleeding money, is still bleeding money and will be bleeding money for generations to come - you started it Tun, You are responsible for this nation to have a national car project that is rotten.

And now you have the gumption to put your hands up and tell us what what we already know for many many years - that there is something rotten in this nation of ours! Cukup lah Tun. You are part of the problem why everything is rotten in Malaysia. You are not part of the solution. 

What troubles me is that there are people out there in Bolehland who will hail you for being brave enough to stand up to the president of Umno who also happens to be the PM - brave enough to say that there is something rotten in our nation today. 

Tun you and I know why you are doing so. Come on lah old man....go hang down your head in shame. Go quietly to pasture and go while there is still some respect for you from those who somehow can see some good in the things that you have done in that sordid political career of yours. 

We know there is something wrong in our nation and we know the cause of it. Begone Tun.  

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