Thursday 19 February 2015

cakap cakap...Shaft - fee and Kera Jantan.

Every day in many ways I learn. Sometimes from my own efforts and sometimes through others.This morning a comment from Lynda re one of my postings made me smile. Forget the first line...they are meant to make me feel good and I did feel's what comes in the next line makes that makes me smile - most appropriate! Tqs Lynda.

Lynda Tong

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Lynda Tong

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Hussein,you're very good with a hammer and nail,especially for the head! Haha. Colourful language too. You know, Kera Jantan and that Shaft-fee fellow have no subtlety or finesse. Just raw, naked ambition. One wants to be PM, the other AG. so they go on a roadshow. More to expose themselves, free publicity. God help Malaysia if they ever succeed in their ambition.


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