Thursday 12 February 2015

"I Have Issued Warnings' There he goes again. The loudest and most obnoxious of IGP's that we have had the misfortune to have in our lifetime!

"I have issued warnings but they chose to ignore them. To ensure order prevails, I and the police force have to do what needs to be done” 

There he goes again....the loudest and most obnoxious of IGP's that we have had the misfortune to have in our lifetime - and I have had a few starting from Fenner, Salleh, Hussein, Rahman, Hanif until this one who seems more a gangster than Botak Chin himself! 

Sikit sikt  " I have issued a warning" lah. Any excuse to throw his weight around. Any reason to have his ugly mug in the news. I cannot remember any other IGP who courted the media as this one has and then runs around like a dog after his political masters.. As the Malays will say "Mamat ni terror lah! Tapi depan Najib pijak semut pon tak mati!".

Woi Khalid let me tell you what needs to be done. Stop  chasing those Don Quixote "threat to our national security" targets that you seem to see in every concerned Rakyat who only wants to express their disagreement with the way this BN government is NOT doing their job. These protestors are the GOOD GUYS. The  BN politicians are the BAD GUY. ....go and write that out 200 times so that you will not forget that!

The next thing that needs to be done  - Lu pergi tangkap all those corrupt politicians who are living beyond their means! Simple calculations ma! You total up their salary, their allowances and any other legitimate income they have and then ask yourself if they can afford to have a Mercedes for  the family, a BMW for his second wife and also buy a condo for his girlfriend. If cannot just arrest them and masuk lock up! And brother while you are going after those politicians it would be a good idea to go after your boys too. You can start with IPK Selangor. There are a number of very cashed up police officers over there. Do the same SOP for your officers as you do for the politicians. 

Next stop all those death in custody. Your police force is doing the killing. Done in your lock up. And it keep occurring as often as your ugly mug keeps popping up in the papers....and while you are at it do stop harming the suspects under PDRM custody. Suspects are innocent until proven guilty - go write that down 200 times!  

I can go on and on and on about what you and PDRM are NOT doing. What is obvious is that you are NOT doing a good job! 

Not all policemen are bad. I am sure there are more good policemen than bad policemen - and I like PDRM. My old man was Director of CID during Tun Hanif's time. He was one of those who did not "cari makan" while he was in the force. Nor did Tun Haniff. But you Khalid seems to be a bit too nosy and obnoxious for your own good. When Umno is through with you they will do what they have done with the other IGP's that came before you...pat you on the head and throw you a bone for you to play with....then you are on your own. Maybe at that time you might start thinking about joining Pakatan Rakyat ....if they will have you!

IGP's like you give PDRM a bad name. Stop pushing your weight around. Stop making threats to our people who are just exercising their rights to protest against what they see as an injustice to their political leader and start focusing on getting rid of the bad guys and start making our people feel safe and secure. 

Is that not what you are being paid to do?      

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