Monday 2 February 2015

Reckless, Disgraceful, Disreputable, Shameful, an Embarrassment, Unprincipled, Without Moral Scruples, Betrayal - any of these words are still lacking in resonance to describe the kind of individual this Razak Baginda really is.

All that is wrong with our nation, with the Umno led BN government, with the Malays and with Islam in Malaysia you can find in this sordid tale of corruption, illicit sex and betrayal. And all this happened BEFORE Altantuya was murdered! From what we know of Razak Baginda and his part in this tale. the following are true: 
  • That it is greed that breeds corruption on a massive scale.
  • That arrogance of those who think themselves above the law and deserving of "special" treatment when it comes to being punished for civil and criminal wrong is alive and well in Bolehland.
  • Failure of the Islamic religious authority to apply the religious tenets of Islam equally amongst all Muslim is now becoming disgustingly common.
  • The contempt and disgust the public has for the manner our courts conducts itself is deserved! The dog like devotion the AG has for his political master is nauseating! 
  • The inept manner by which this BN government and its various functionaries conduct itself is painfully obvious for all to see. 
  • The failure of the authorities to police themselves in a manner that is open and transparent is endemic.
  • All that is disgraceful about the behaviour of rich and powerful Malays with connections can be seen here - greed, illicit sex , arrogance and disdain for family values are a "given".
All this and more are on display here with names, dates and facts littering the path that this tale have taken from the time we became aware of the death of Altantuya in October 2006..and this tale is still unravelling.

That is the public facade of this tale. The human side is more harrowing.

First there was the callous murder of a young Mongolian mother and the unborn child she was carrying. Her murder left two children without a mother with the younger in need of constant and ongoing medical treatment. An aged father, Stev Shariibuu is left to fight a forlorn battle to understand why his daughter was murdered. 

Made to kneel in front of her murderers Altantuya was shot in the head while begging for her life and then blown up leaving nothing but fragments of bones and flesh. This image alone chills us to the bone.

There is also the tale of Mazalinda, a wife not only humiliated by a philandering husband but she also had to suffer the indignities of having the sexual exploits of her husband discussed in coffee shops and trumpeted by medias globally for all to see and gloat over. 

Mazalinda had to go through a grueling public trial where she had to run the gauntlet of an invasive and voracious media for the duration of her husbands trial. While Mazalinda's discomfort and pain on these very public occasion are obvious I dread to think what the costs would have been on their young daughter. But her devotion to her husband, or his money (the jury is still out on this) strengthen her resolve to be by his side throughout Razak's trial. The costs to her mentally is to be seen. 

There is also the plight of Bala's family  - imagine the emotional trauma on the innocent wife and children of having to move between Indian and Malaysia. Now if that was difficult imagine their despair now that Bala is no longer around to take care of them.

As disgusted as I am with the two murderers we must also not forget that they too had families who would also suffer the indignities of having a murderer in their midst. And murderer or not, none of them would be ready to lose that loved one should their execution be finally carried out by the authorities. 

All this happened because of  what Razak Baginda set in motion when he first choose to do what he did when his friend, the then Defense Minister, Najib Razak, gave him the "opportunity" to be rich beyond his wildest dream! 

Every nation will have it's share of those who by their deeds brings shame and embarrassment to that nation as Razak Baginda did.

Every race will have amongst them individuals who by their acts cause that race to be the object of derision and disgust by others as Razak Baginda did.

Every government will have traitors who abuse the trust placed upon them by that government to do good for the nation and its people as Razak Baginda did.

Every religion have had its fair share of believers who profess piety and belief in the teachings .and tenants of that religion but by their actions only bring disrepute and shame to his religion as Razak Baginda did.

Every family will have it's Razak Baginda or varying shades of one. 

For every wife there will be moments in their life when they question the sanctity of their marriage because of the actions of husbands like Razak Baginda.

Every child too will have occasion to doubt the love and nobility of their father because of what Razak Baginda did.

All of the above and more Razk Baginda in one way or another, is guilty of doing. Any adjective or any derogating pronouncement you care to use : reckless, disgraceful, disreputable, shameful, embarrassing, unprincipled, without moral scruples, betrayal - any of these words are still lacking in resonance to describe the kind of individual this Razak Baginda really is. 

And by having the gumption to come out of that hole he has been comfortably hiding himself in  and come out without any sort of remorse for what he has done and instead proceed to relate his version of events that has happened is simply the act of a stupid man unable to comprehend the disgust and contempt we have for him. He will only now dig for himself a larger and deeper hole to disappear into once he understand the outrage and contempt many many people in Malaysia have towards him.  

Razak blames everybody else but himself for what has happened. Like his ex-friend Najib, this Razak is not only coward but is also clueless of the aftermath his own folly, greed and lust has caused. So far it has resulted in the death, directly or indirectly, of three people -  Altantuya and her unborn child and Bala - and when the two UTK operatives are executed for their dastardly deed - we can make that five.

The human costs to Altantuya's family, Bala's family, and the two murderer's family and of course to Razak's immediate and extended family is immeasurable. Suffice to say that with all of OUR money that he now has in his keeping, it will take more than even what those millions can buy to give Razak the peace of mind that he thinks money can provide for him when he chooses to exiled himself to. 

Every morning for the rest of his life he will have his Groundhog Day - waking up to face his wife and his daughter again and again. Time may allow Razak to forget his stay in jail, his trail and all the contempt and ridicule he had to face before his money bought him some respite overseas far from the maddening crowd, but he can be rest assured that for his wife and his daughter, time will not deaden the ache and the humiliation they have so far endured. Only  death will and even in the last conscious moments of his life, Altantuya and all that her memory conjures in all of us, will still haunt Razak.        

Yes it is every body's fault but  his! 

Well Razak it is time you face up to what you have done. You abused the privilege of friendship that a clueless Najib Razak extended to you as Minister of Defence. That friendship may have been stupidly extended by a Minister who should have known better but nevertheless you abused it.

Your abused of the trust place upon you by your wife as a husband and by your daughter as a father is something you and them will have to live with for the rest of your life every time, everyday of the rest of your life - every time you look into their eyes, every time you sit down with them for a meal, every time you face them. Of course money may make it more bearable but it is something you will have to deal with on a daily basis for the rest of your life. And Bastards like you deserve nothing less!

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