Friday 6 February 2015

Next Week Will be About Anwar Ibrahim. I Say Let all Hell Break Lose! Let the Games Begin!

Tribal Chaos Symbol by Bilesuck
Only Choas, Death and Destruction!
Anwar knows whether dia masuk lock up atau tidak he is already a winner in the eyes of the  50.87% that voted for Pakatan Rakyat in the 2013 general elections....or as some would insists on saying.......the 50.87% that did not vote for the Umno led BN. Since then more, much more, have stoically aligned themselves on the side of decency and justice - a side that Najib's seems bent on alienating with every beat of his heart - a side that incarceration would bring Anwar closer to!   

Tun Mahathir and  senior Umno leaders are loudly proclaiming that the time for change is nigh and that the unworthy Najib Razak mesti "di ketepikan" if Umno wants victory at the next general election. 

On any given day of the last few months Najib is the political dunce for everyone to hantam left right and center. And that "everyone" increasingly seems to come from the ranks of the once high and mighty from within Umno and from the current crop of the "powers that be" now holding sway in Umno. Nothing moves these people towards embracing change than the impending demise of a sitting Umno President. The Hyenas within Umno are already salivating at the prospect of new alliances being forged and the endless possibilities of making financial gains that these alliances promise. 

But next week is about Anwar Ibrahim. 

For me next week will be surreal for I could never imagine Anwar going through another period of incarceration after the last one...after the Pakatan Rakyat he led in the last general election garnered 50.87% of the votes. We have the numbers, we have the inclination and yet we cannot say no to this man being sent to prison again. 

It felt that it was only last week that I stood amongst the crowd at his house waiting to greet him after his release from Sungai Buloh. So many of us waiting, many strangers to each other. The ripple of excitement and anticipation travelled through us all uniting everyone in a sense of relief that Anwar was free at last.

And now this! 

Again there is a sense of nervous excitement and anticipation at what will happen if he goes to jail again. A part of me hope that common sense will prevail and Anwar will spend his night in his own house, in his own room in his own bed after the court has pronounced its decision. Another part tells me that after sentence is pronounced Malaysian will be whipped into a frenzy of frustration and loathing against Najib and his government that the national security of our nation will be at risk. If truth is to be said, I prefer the latter!

Let Anwar be incarcerated. Let the cowardly Najib and his increasingly healthy Flom have a moment of triumph and relief that their greatest Nemesis is behind bars....but let that moment be brief. After that brief moment let all hell break lose! 

Let the tidal wave that first swept Reformasi into our consciousness many years ago be resurrected. Let the enthusiasm and commitment of all the Bersih Rallies visit us again and let there be thunder and lightening, hammer and tongs, cats and dogs and all things loud and deafening on our streets to send a warning to Najib and his cohorts that they have pushed us all one too many times. They have tested out patience beyond breaking point. 

Now is the time to use the stone long hidden in the palm of our hands to do as much damage as we can to property and life. Not our life but theirs. Not our property but theirs! Enough damage to property and life to make this Umno led government understand that this time around there is no going back for them or for us. Chaos will prevail, there will be damage to property and people will be hurt or even die. 

And in the end amidst the death and destruction there will emerge truth and justice. For those who have been corrupt and have abused the trust place upon them to govern us  well - only retribution and punishment.   


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