Monday 9 February 2015

"Qu'ils mangent de la brioche"

Let everyone play golf, says Najib

February 8, 2015
PM gives RM2mil to promote golf in schools, promises more to come.
najib_golf_300KUALA LUMPUR: Avid golfer Najib Razak wants everyone to be able to play the game. A month after a controversial golfing date in Hawaii with US President Barack Obama, while monsoon floods ravaged the east coast, the prime minister announced plans to make golf a sport for all.
“I have given RM2 million to the Malaysian Golf Association to promote golf at school level and I am willing to contribute more in the future,” he said today at the Kuala Lumpur Golf and Country Club, where he presented prizes at the Maybank Malaysian Open golf championships.
He said golf should not be just an elite sport but one for all people, and more Malaysians should be able to play.
He hoped more Malaysians would emerge as top golfers in the future, congratulating the golf association for starting a programme to promote golf in schools. Eleven schools are taking part in the programme.
On the tournament, Najib said it attracted around 450 million viewers around the world who watched a very splendid game which started last Thursday.

steadyaku47 comment:

"Qu'ils mangent de la brioche"

"Let them eat cake"

Right this very moment, live on TV, the Liberal party has just voted in a secret ballot to continue with Tony Abbott as leader with a vote count of 61 against the spill motion and 39 for - a decision that confirmed that there is division within the Liberal party but the majority of its members are still with the Prime Minister - but 40% of his party would prefer that Tony Abbott is no longer their leader! What a wake up call for Tony Abbott!   
Tony Abbott has survived a backbench revolt to remain Prime Minister following this morning’s specially convened Liberal party room meeting.
But the result all but guarantees further leadership instability unless Mr Abbott can significantly improve his performance and standing in the electorate.
Prime Minister Tony Abbott arrives at the party room with a throng of supporters. Picture: Getty Images

The motion was defeated, 39 to 61 in favour of Tony Abbott.
This is democracy in Australia. There was no other individual challenging Tony Abbott's leadership. It was simply the party members telling Tony Abbott that there must be change if he wants to continue as their leader.    

In that context I look at Najib's latest clueless gaffe. 

"Let everyone play golf".

Really Najib? 

Why not have Rosmah tell the ladies:

"Let everyone have a Hermes handbag!" Huh!

I would expect my Prime Minister to want everyone to be able to read and write bahasa!
I would expect my Prime Minister to want everyone to have a job that would allow him or her to provide for his or her's family need. 
I would expect my Prime Minister to want many other things for his people - many other things but certainly not "to play Golf!".  

This Prime Minister leadership is already being challenged within Umno but unlike Australia there is no mechanism within Umno for anyone to move a motion to spill the leadership. No secret ballot for the leaders within Umno to vote for change "in the moment" - though it could possibly be done during their Perhimpunan Agong - but the process is laborious, lengthy and very expensive for the incumbent and any challenger!. In Australia the whole process to move the motion for a spill in their leadership is procedural and concluded in a matter of less than two weeks.  

But you will say that Malaysia is not Australia. Point taken...but it would do us good to take cognizance of what has happened in other democracies and apply what is good from those democracies to Malaysia's.   

Anyway enough said. 

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