Friday 20 February 2015

Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them. Shafee had to go looking in Saiful's anus in the hope of finding greatness in the eyes of Umno. Brother you find find a number of unsavory things there but greatness will not be one of them!

Shafee Abdullah advised to act professionally.

February 19, 2015

 Shafee Abdullah advised to act professionally

by Gurdial Singh

Several interviews in national daily newspapers given by the lawyer engaged as a prosecutor, Muhammad Shafee Abdullah, have reignited issues surrounding the conviction of Anwar Ibrahim.


In a rather brutal attack on Anwar, whom he helped put away for a five-year jail term, Shafee implied that the accused would have been torn to shreds if he had testified, instead of giving his ‘evidence’ from the dock. He labelled Anwar a ‘coward with something to hide’.

Such statements seem to be at odds with established ethical standards – as applicable to lawyers appearing as defence counsel or for the prosecution. Shafee was enlisted as a prosecutor only for this case – over the strenuous objections of Anwar’s legal team.
He remains a member of the legal profession and subject to the rules promulgated under the Legal Profession Act 1976. These Practice and Etiquette Rules 1978 have the force of law.

One particularly relevant rule forbids lawyers from publicising their feats. Rule 13 says that it is contrary to etiquette to solicit reporting of any matter in which a lawyer has been professionally engaged. The rationale for this is to prevent lawyers with money, or connections, or both from advertising themselves; and securing an advantage over other lawyers.

steadyaku47 comment:

Woi Shaft-Fee...engkau Melayu kan? 

Of course some might refer to you in a derogatory manner as a Mamak. Or even a Keling or si Gelap! In the early 60's when I was a student in London we would refer  to those very dark skinned Negros as "Gagak". But we are all adults here and if you promise not to call me an Anwarist or worse, a paid PR Cybertrooper....I will call you a Malay....well "almost a Malay" lah! 

In spite of half a century of arrogant and corrupt Umno rule the Malays are still by and large, decent, polite and respectful people.

In spite of the en mass inclusion of pendatangs, people from Kerala and Mamaks of your ilk the Malays are still the same people they were pre Merdeka - especially in the Kampongs and in ordinary households in the urban areas where ethics, morality and good manners are the norm rather than the exception.    

Now whether those in Umno are the Malays I am talking about is moot. That Rais guy in the above video is a senior member of Umno and as you can see he is lacking in manners and respect for others.

But I digress...let us return to you.

Take a step back from where you are at now! 

And where are you now? Let me tell you where you think you are...not where YOU really are but where YOU think you are. 

You think you are now deserving of being lauded, lionised and carried on the shoulders of the Pemuda's in Umno for that feat of getting the Leader of the Opposition aka Anwar Ibrahim thrown into Sungai Buloh. I think the most apt description of you would be 

"He was like a cock who thought the sun had risen to hear him crow!" Yes ShafeeI have used that description to describe you before and it still fits!   

Every time I hear that said I invariably think of you...well you and Muhammad Ali. For Ali it is all an act ...for you it is for real for you really think that the sun had risen to hear you crow! 

Now you also think that you are the AG designate! Really? For me that would be like Zahid Hamidi thinking himself PM material. Ajaib tapi benar...because there was a moment in time when the stars aligned at just about the right moment and that idea did flashed through his head (not his mind...he does not have one!). 

But as you know the stars aligned only momentarily and once that moment is pass you are history. 

The same with you. Some have greatness thrust upon them, some seek greatness and some earned Shafee had to go looking in Saiful's anus in the hope that you will find greatness there. Brother you will find a number of unsavory things there but greatness will not be one of them! 


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