Monday 23 February 2015

What do you think Sirul will do?

Let me try and do some straight talking about Sirul. 

Let us not get too carried away about the things that we think matters. 

About justice being served by having Sirul "tell all" re the people who ordered the murder of Altanatuya's. 

About the miscarriage of justice that had our highest courts ignore their responsibility of finding out the motive for such a murder done by two UTK operatives who did not know their victim. 

About who had offered the financial rewards for the deed to be done. 

About Najib's and Rosmah's involvement in the whole sordid affair - if any. 

About who allowed Sirul to leave the country in the first place. 

And so many other questions that have been left unanswered at the conclusion of this case - a conclusion that our highest court have deemed final by the imposition of the judgement to execute the two UTK operatives convicted of the murder.    

Just stop for and ask yourself if any of the above issues matters to Sirul? You and I know that none of the above issues matters to Sirul at this very moment when he is fighting for his survival.

His only concern now is saving his life. 

He does not want to come back to KL because the hangman's noose awaits him and for now Australia is the safest place for him to be at. There is no death penalty in Australia, the Malaysian authorities cannot touch him for as long as the Australian government does not want that to happen. He is safe, secure and his physical and mental needs(to some extent) will be taken care of - whether while he is in detention or otherwise.

Now ask yourself what will Sirul do to ensure that he can continue to live? 

Will he tell the truth and nothing but the truth about all that he know re the Altantuya murder if that is what is required for the Australian government to keep him in Australia and alive? Common sense tells us that he will if that is what it takes for the Australian Government to believe that Sirul will not be treated with justice in Malaysia because too many important people want him dead to stop him from talking. And if he does tell the truth that truth will only be known to the Australian government. They will then allow him to stay in Australia so that he will not be put to death by the Malaysian authorities.

Or will Sirul keep quiet and make like a tree if that is what the Malaysian government (and parties still unknown) wants him to do in order not to "request" the Australian Government to hand him over to the Malaysian Authorities? 

And if by so doing not only will he live but he will also be allowed to continue to live in Australia and be provided, by the Malaysian Government or parties still unknown, with the means of living a "comfortable" life here (though maybe not as comfortable as Razak Baginda's!).

What do you think Sirul will do?

I am sure you can work out for yourselves what Sirul will do because this is not about justice being served, this is not about a man who has repented and wants the truth to be out nor is Sirul's back against the wall. 

He has time, he has options and he certainly will do what is best for him and possible his family (if they still matters to him). End of story.  



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