Tuesday 24 February 2015

Hand Kissing Contest in Bolehland.

steadyaku47 comment: Blast from the past - posted this sometime back.

This year a best hand-kissing competition was held at Putra Jaya and among the thousands four persons were short listed. It was indeed a tough decision for the judges . 

A surprise challenge came from Kamalanathan of the MIC who was the early leader.

But the former MB of Kedah Madzhir was a mite better than Kamalanathan .

He was however toppled by Shahidan Kassim the ex MB of Perlis who did the side-way kiss with perfection but unfortunately was disqualified because he left too much saliva on Najib's hand. 

And the runaway winner was the MB of Trengganu Ahmad Said with his low bow and sprint kiss -- something never seen exhibited before. Word has it that A.Said has been practicing this sprint kiss on the quiet for almost a year and perfected the art before the competition.

Congratulations Ahmad Said a great performance and a true athletic performance!

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