Monday 17 October 2011

cakap cakap...Najib and Anwar

What we see today in our country are two politician past their used by date - Najib and Anwar - two individuals hungry for power and both these individuals not deserving it. One carries the big stick and uses it at every opportunity to try and beat the other senseless. The other, nursing a vile grudge against the very party that has thrown him out at the apex of his political strength, whines and politics negatively determine to unhinge the other.

And yet both these men have plenty in common. Both dogged by what they have done in the past – a past that has simply refuses to go away. It is under this political climate that the people of our nation now have to suffer intolerable as our country lurches towards a general election because the interest that these two serves is not ours but their own.

For Najib his government is unfortunately blighted by the presence of a First Lady that simply refuses to go away no matter what! Rightly or wrongly (perhaps more of the latter then of the former) Rosmah has unwittingly become the focus of most of Najib’s ills….the crowing glory of late has been the matter of the USD$20 million ring. Methinks the only possible way to outdo herself would be the acquisition of a “blood” diamond belly button purchased from Charles Taylor to help finance his trial before the Special Court for Sierra Leone for his role in his country’s civil war!

For Anwar bred for politics from his student days, habits learnt in UMNO are hard to dismiss and try as he would these habits keep rearing up its ugly head - most evidently as we have unfortunately witnessed, in the debacle of the PKR party election. 

Both these men are motivated by the same thing – by the same torment. Only political power can provide a sanctuary from the excesses of their past life – albeit temporarily – but a sanctuary nevertheless.

For Najib taking the Prime Ministership from Pak Lah before his time gave him much needed respite from the all-consuming specter of Altantuya. Does anybody doubt that Najib would be in exile with Razak Baginda if he were not Prime Minister? And all the news coming out from within MINDEF during his time as its Minister would have hasten his exile quicker then you would have been able to say “ROSMAHISTHEBAGLADY!”.

Unfortunately for Anwar he is the guy without the power and so for him power that Najib has is the bane of his political life. We have not heard the last of the three Datuks and the sordid and sexually explicit exploits of Sodomy Two is still unfolding.  

What Anwar did not get in the 12th general election he tried to get by the audacious announcement of a government take over the following September after the election. But Lust for Power, as Shakespeare has said it, is doomed for oblivion!  Yes the opposition he led did come within whiskers of taking power but he did not win the 12th general election and the reins of power in government escaped Anwar. A few years down the road we see him not in spirited battle in parliament against Najib’s government but he is instead embroiled in Sodomy Two and unwittingly has provide the fodder for the gutter politics that UMNO so passionately pursues against all its detractors. One truth about gutter politics is this – it does no harm to those who stays out of the gutter!      

Let us hope that the good people of Malaysia will see through the fa├žade of these two political has been – or as some wag would have it – the never was! We understand the burning rage within Anwar - that of a man deprived of what he thinks is his destiny. And in Najib we can see the hand of Rosmah pushing him ever so close to the edge of political correctness just so that he will stay in power. I hope that you will all find these posturing by these two to do what is right and decent for the people of Malaysia as distasteful as I find it to be. Not to do so would cause harm to an innocent bystander – our beloved country. 

Let the two of them do nothing more them bring down each other in their selfish quest for power….and then maybe our beloved country will rise like the Phoenix from the destruction that these two have caused upon all of us.. Amen.   


  1. Between the devil and the deep blue ocean....prefer the latter

  2. Sdr Hussein, say whatever you like about Anwar. I dont know him personally so I cannot comment on his personal traits. But what he represents and talks about now resonates with my deepest desire for Malaysia, and when I go thro the comments by ordinary people thro blogs, facebook and so on, I know that many people share this feeling. Altho its not a survey, there's so much positive feedback abt him, you'd have to be blind or too embittered not to see it. Just take one piece of news from Malaysiakini and read the comments beneath it, if you have the time (or the stomach for it).

  3. Apa ada susah... Asalkan Bukan UMNO!
    Whatever Pak Hussein i will not vote for Najib and no UMNO, no BN and no Najib tuya!

  4. Birds of the same feather.........

  5. Pak Hussein,

    Like it or not, the choice we have in front of us come GE13 is either BN led by Najib or PR led by Anwar. What's the point of putting up an article to show that both leaders are useless? Its neither here nor there.

    I would think it will be better if you could use your writings to lead Malaysians the right choice between the two coalitions, at least from your point of view. If BN is the one, so be it. If PR is the better choice, then let's forget Anwar factor at this stage. Support them to win the election and form the next federal Governmnet. You can start whacking Anwar til kingdom comes when he becomes PM and especially if he cannot lead the country better than Najib.

    For now the people need to decide, either BN led by Najib or PR led by Anwar. Fortunately or unfortunately, that's the only choice we under the current scenario.

  6. anon 8.58 :

    That there are only these two to chose from come the 13th GE is a sad indictment of ourselves - is it not? That we are prepared to accept one devil over the other...which only means that we are still left with a devil to govern us? No I will not accept that. We deserve better. If we insists on one that he or she will come....

  7. Pak Hussein,

    It is indeed a sad indictment of ourselves that there are only two coalitions and led by the two guys to choose from, under today's scenario. With GE13 around the corner, can the one that we insist on will come within this short period of time? Or are we destined to accept status quo?