Friday 21 October 2011

cakap mind wanders.....

Col. Moammar Gaddafi who traveled the world in his immensely expensive and luxurious private Airbus 340 plane escorted by his Amazonian female bodyguards and once autocratic ruler of Libya for 42 years is dead. Love live Libya! If anything could be said in his favor it was that he died fighting in his own country and did not flee to another with his ill gotton wealth taken from the Libyan people. 

If only our Barisan Nasional leaders were as brave. Cakap bukan serupa bikin!

Every time I think of this Hishamuddin of the Rumah Ministry brandishing the Keris at the perhimpuan UMNO in 2005  - konon nya in defense of the Hak Keistimewaan Melayu -  I cannot help but stifle a snigger because this guy is as brave as a little kid that will dare to confront any other kid on the playground – just as long as his mother is close by – close enough for him to run to and hide behind her skirt or sarong if the other kid so much as look at him menacingly!

And then I remember his contemptible defense of those cow head protesters and his accusation of DSAI as being a CIA agent! In both these debacle he led with his mouth not with his head….Din next time do not think that just because you are in the Rumah Ministry you are qualified to become its jaga! He must lie awake at night conjuring up what else he can label as a threat to national security to satisfy his craving for national exposure on prime time TV. As I have said before….. sometimes the good genes from your own father might jump a generation and miss you completely. There is no better example then this son of our beloved third Prime Minister. Like his cousin Najib, I wonder where these two will be if not for the fact that their father were previously Prime Ministers of Malaysia!

Yes Najib…where would you be now if Tun Razak was not your father? Still with Petronas perhaps? You better be because if you had gone into politics without that pedigree of yours you will be up the Tembiling River in a rakit without a paddle. For sure you might make is as Ketua Cawangan or even a Bahagian somewhere in Pahang but no way in hell could you have become the MB at the age of 29. Today we have the misfortune of having you as our Prime Minister!

Najib arrived at Sri Perdana with much more baggage then even Zsa Zsa Gabor would have brought with her every time she moved into another of her many husband’s house. And Najib, there is a reason why you should not fool around with other people’s wife. Look at what you ended up with : ROSMAH!

If he can sit Najib will not stand. If he can walk Najib will not run. That is Najib for you. Look at how he handles any problems he has whether in his private life or in politics. Rosmah wears the trousers in his house and PDRM and MACC handles his political opponents! JJ a problem with his raba raba antics?  To hard to sack him because he knows too much about your past….so you suddenly get this “eureka” moment and instead kick him upstairs to be our ambassador in Washington. You problem is solved but Malaysia has a randy idiot as our Ambassador in Washington! And when all else fails…bring in the Unit Tindakan Khas boys! We are just waiting for the worms to come out of the woodwork as soon as UMNO decides that your time is over…which should be pretty soon. Very very soon! 

Enough for now…it is now 6.15 a.m here in Adelaide and about 3.45 a.m in KL. Time to get some sleep…but if all these disturbing thoughts about our BN leaders still keep me awake…for sure I will write some more!

For now…a good night,or good morning from me, especially to all of you in Kuala Lipis (behind the rest House), Pengkalan Chepa (beside the airport), Pendang, Alor Gajah (near JKR), Tampin (near the Hospital), Johore Baru (in Jalan Storey), Kuantan (Telok Sisek), Penang (Green Lane and Island Glades), KL (Bangsar)…because those are the places I have lived in while growing up.  

And also to any old boys of Bukit Zaharah and Ngee Heng(JB),SIC Kota Baru, SABS Kuantan and MCKK …all schools I attended during my formative years before I found out that education really did not help me much once I got out into the real world!

To each and everyone of you just hold this thought in your head…..if at first you did not succeed then maybe skydiving is not for you!     


  1. I cannot imagine a man like Najib ending up with an egoistic, contemptuous and greedy wife like Rosmah. But as the saying goes, birds of the same feathers flock together. Both these people deserve each other.