Saturday 22 October 2011


"So much is being offered and dished out in terms of goodies and short term ang pows.  Common sense will tell that most incoming FDIs are mainly MOUs and back slapping.  What is solid is the outgoings to satisfy the frenzy political atmosphere for the upcoming elections.

They are now backing or apple polishing the royals just to corner the Malay rural voters. 

The time is right for change BUT the opposition have to move as ONE.  The way I see it, the opposition keeps shooting themselves in the foot to the detrimental of the people's aspirations.

You have to make them understand that if BN were to retake the states, it will be another decade before they can arise from the ashes".

The above email tells us exactly what it is all of us must be. ONE. The opposition must move as ONE.

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If you want Barisan Nasional OUT 

We must become ONE.

When I got that email a few minutes ago I realized where our focus must be and what we must try to do. Be ONE. I want to put this thought to all of you NOW. It cannot wait…now that we know what we have to do we can go into the beginning of the end for Barisan Nasional! Be ONE.

If you have any thoughts on how to make this happen please share it with us. Send it to me in whatever format – notes, words, phrases, articles, quotes and I will use it to get this message across.


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