Monday 17 October 2011

cakap cakap....macham macham.

I have been sitting in front of my PC for quite some time now. You see I told myself that I must write and I cannot! Writing to me is like an out of body experience. As I write my physical self watches as my mind races off to where I know not. Mahathir, Anwar, Najib, UMNO…these seems to be familiar grounds on which I have walked many a times…and always I seem to agree to disagree with what they do and what they say. I try to cut them some slack at times but try as I might I am still unable to find common grounds where we would be able to agree. And today when I surf the net to try and find something positive to write about, all that I find confirms the negativity of politics that now blankets our country.

Even without the Association of Charted Certified Accountant (ACCA) survey of 222 finance professionals in Malaysia where 77 per cent of them believed that the global economy is either stagnating or deteriorating merely serve to give credence to the gloom and doom that we as a nation now feel for this country of ours.

And just to prove that point Michael Owen have just forwarded me an article titled “Race quotas, politics led to falling UM standards, says World Bank study”. Even without reading it I already know what it will say. For all it will do is to state the obvious....the BN government failed us.

All that we see now, all that is happening to our people, our country, the education of our children etc is the sum total of mismanagement and abuse by this BN government over the last 50 over years. I do not need to have it confirm by ACCA or the World Bank. Neither do I need to see facts and figures to show the decline of almost every indices of growth within our country. By any criteria our country continues its downward spiral towards an abyss caused by this BN abuse of the trust placed upon it by us.

And still Najib talks of a high income economy!

Then we are told that 500,000 Proton owners will benefit from a lifetime guarantee for its new power window …this from a company that cannot even make its manual windows work!

These are all inane promises and commitments made by individuals that has no intention whatsoever of honoring the promises they make. Will the Group Managing Director of Proton Holdings Bhd – Syed Zainal Abidin – take personal responsibility if Proton failed to deliver on this promise? Who will we hold responsible if the high income economy does not become a reality as promised by Najib?

It is amazing to see how things are being done in this country of ours. Our leaders make promises that they have no intention of keeping, cannot keep or have no business of promising to keep.

I marvel at the manner in which BN can dismiss the involvement of Rosmah in the bringing into Malaysia of a USD$20 million ring as easily as we would flick an irritating fly of our plate of Mamak mee goring! BN can dismiss it from   their consciousness but not from ours.      

Financial abuses are now in billions. Now threats to religion other then Islam are being made with a regularity that would be breath taking in its audacity if not backed by the threat of a million demonstrators rallying in the name of Islam against Christians that dare to challenge the sovereignty of Islam – and  this thuggery is done with government approval.

Nothing is sacred anymore. Today this BN government even dares to appoint rogues as Chairman of FELDA and RISDA! This Najib dares to tell us that history will show that BN has never manipulated the poll to win elections. His story maybe, but history will prove otherwise!

The lies comes thick and fast but time is running out for this circus of clowns and thieves that masquerades as a government.  They will soon sober up as the 13th general election nears. For the life of me I could never have foretold the loss by Samy Velu of Sungai Siput in the last general election but the 13th general election will certainly be anything but forgiving to those that have arrogantly shouldered the power bestowed upon them by their position in government. These bastards will swagger less and less as they get nearer and nearer to their day of reckoning. 

Just for old times sake let me end this with an image of vintage Samy Velu .....combative right through the very end...and as always looking like the idiot that he has always been! 


  1. If we have been told correctly, he had a hair transplant? Is that why he looks so.........!!!!!

  2. We will achieve the so-called "high income" target for sure even if it is through the devaluation of the Ringgit instead of actual growth.

    Number may be big but what you can buy with it won't be much of an improvement and as long as our Ringgit is more or less pegged to the USD, this is a given.

    This is why BN is confident this target can be achieved.