Saturday 29 October 2011


Qantas grounds entire fleet

Qantas is grounding its entire fleet and locking out its staff in response to unions' industrial action.
The airline is fighting with its pilots, ground staff and engineers over pay, conditions and the outsourcing of jobs overseas.
Qantas boss Alan Joyce said all domestic employees involved with the dispute will be locked out as of 8pm (AEDT) Monday, but the fleet will be grounded immediately.
"It's an unbelievable decision, it's a very hard decision ... we have no alternative," he said.
Both the international and domestic fleet will be grounded indefinitely.


  1. I wrote my comments in you earlier box. Then when I clicked Anonymous this comes up. Why not just use this and cut the red tape.

  2. Terrible news if you are booked to travel on Qantas! Takes guts to adopt a tough stand against the picky unions!

  3. Air France has had no choice but to ground 1 in 5 flights due to a strike.