Sunday 23 October 2011

Islam and UMNO - an unholy alliance!

I am insulted. I am insulted, angry and astounded that these self appointed guardians of Islam think the Muslims are so weak and unable to think for themselves that they can be easily entice and made to leave Islam for Christianity!

Surely we Malays are a better race of people then this? The Malays have had the same thing done to them by UMNO these last 52 years. But those 52 years was not about the weakness of the Malays in Islam.

UMNO told them that they were weak and unable to compete on par with the other races in the race for economic well being.

That the Malays needed help and guidance from UMNO to be able to stand on their own two feet. Ketuanan Melayu. Bumiputra status. Remember? Negotiated tenders, Invitation to bid, close tenders…..and this eventually led to diseased Malays like Mahathir, Isa Samad, Amin Shah, Tajuddin Ramli, Razak Baginda etc etc. Malays all….rich Malays that personified the abuses of UMNO in their relentless search for massive wealth and easy money and power.

And all this done in the name of “helping and guiding the weak Malays” towards economic independence and well being against the other races in Malaysia who were taking away from the Malays their own country!

But the Malays have wised up to these deceptions and duplicity by UMNO who had used their own Malay race to enrich themselves and to stay in power in order to continue their plundering of our national coffers.

And now that we Malays know that UMNO had used the Malays for their own vested interests, UMNO now turns to Religion. To Islam!

Today, again, the Malays are weak. 

Suspcetable to proselytisation. 

UMNO needs to legislates to ensure those Christians will not take a single Malay into Christianity. 

Hell they even got this Himpun Chairman guy…Azmi Hamid, to demand provisions to safeguard Islam special position be drafted to replace the ISA.

Woi Azmi…what has Islam got to do with the ISA? It is an insult to Islam to even mention Islam in the same sentence as the ISA.   

Like what they have done to whip up public support against Royalty with a road show many years back…UMNO thought that this Himpunan Sejuta Umat will be the start of a road show to take them to Putrajaya again when the 13th General Election is upon us! Thank God only a few thousand Muslims turned up to take their place in the projected cast of a million! 

Enough of this ! 

Kita Melayu patut sedar yang UMNO telah mengunakan kita untuk berkuasa selama 53 tahun. Jangan memberi mereka izin mengunakan Islam untuk berkuasa selama 53 tahun lagi!

We Malays now understand how UMNO has used us to stay in power for 53 years. We must not now allow UMNO to use Islam to stay in power for another 53 years!

If we do, not only will the Malays be UMNO’s baruah again but Islam too will a tool for UMNO to control and manipulate  the Malays,the Christians and everyone else in our country.

All of us must stop this madness by UMNO to retain power at all costs. UMNO have used the Malays, they have used the Pendatangs and used every other dirty deeds that they could to stay in power. Do not let them now use Islam for their own ends too.  

We must stop them. 

If not now …then when? 

You are one, with me we are two. All of us must be ONE.



  1. You must salute Umno for its capability to take advantage of its audience naiveity or stupidity or whatever you may want to call it...Umno knows the Malays mentality very well and the room to manipulate that mentality is wide open,use money,use rilegion and the royal house,the three things that contribute to the feudalistic thinking of the Malays,give money to corrupt them and they will say almhamdulilah rezeki tuhan,tell them that the Christian is on the move to prosletysing them and they will froth at the mouth because their faith does not come from the heart,tell them that the Sultan is murka,they will become silent so as not to offend the revered idiot...Umno knows all that because they are from the same breed.We will not find a bigger hypocrite than the Malays...sad man sad.

  2. If only this write up can reach every single Malay voter in the entire peninsular and Sabah and Sarawak, be it kampong, town , city or boathouse, kelong dll!

  3. Make it happen! I know plenty of folk who have started reaching out by translating and printing articles from MT, MC and MK etc in even larger font for their kampung heads to circulate! Come November there will be a flurry of what/which articles to share when we break for 2 holy dates(HRH and AM).
    Email friends abroad to make them understand and see through the bn web of deception. Educate! Educate! Educate!