Wednesday 26 October 2011


We all have our opinion of Nixon but when all is said and done he was a great American President and he is not a crook. Nixon did not profit from Public Service. Mahathir did. Najib did. Mahathir and Najib are crooks! But Najib is not only a crook but he gives even the crooks a bad name – if that is at all possible. And all this we can see by the way he conducts himself. 

When they aim for his legs he jump. When they aim for his head, he ducks. He look like an idiot jumping up and down but he does not get hurt! That my friend is how I see Najib in politics. He bobs and weaves better then Floyd Patterson and does the rope a dope almost as good as Muhammad Ali. So will Najib fall in round thirteen?

That would depend if he could keep running around the ring and staying out of the reach of his opponent. Doing that will get him through to round fourteen….and maybe even round fifteen – but will he win the fight? Will the judges score for a fighter that runs and does not have the courage to face his opponent?

That is the dilemma that Najib now faces with the General Election closing around him. Najib has never had a real fight on his hands. This 13th general election will be a fight for the survival of UMNO. Not only for the survival of Najib or Muhyiddin but for the very essence of UMNO. Will the UMNO as we know it now still be around after the 13th general election.

I am not only talking about money politics, influence peddling or straight out abuse of the trust we place upon them in government. No my friend in all this that I have just mentioned the people have made their stand crystal clear. No more. No mas.

I am talking about the continuing of UMNO as a viable political entity. UMNO as a credible opposition to the Pakatan Rakyat government. And UMNO as a credible  Malay political organization.

Think of it my friends – the glue that holds UMNO together is money. Money lubricates and accentuates everything that UMNO can and want to do. From the Cawangan, Bahagian, Negri up to the 38th floor at PWTC nothing moves without money. When UMNO loses this general election the money dries up. Now how will UMNO move without money? How will these Ketua’s hold on to their supporters when the only master that these supporters know is the Ringgit?  

Who within UMNO will hold their nerve and stay to take up  the colossal task of rebuilding UMNO? Certainly not Najib! And UMNO knows this about Najib as UMNO knows that this 13th general election  will in all probability be the death of them! Now if only Pakatan Rakyat will get their act together and move as ONE!

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