Thursday 27 October 2011

A sense of possibility.....

Anwar & Reformasi brought with it a sense of possibilities. The possibility of hope over despair, light over gloom and the opportunity to focus our passion away from the negativity of UMNO to the future that Reformasi promised.

It fired up the young and not so young to think that all was possible if you believed it possible. That there was life after UMNO for the Malays …and the country for a moment allowed itself to go with the flow….and willing us all along
through Reformasi was Anwar until he was silenced by Mahathir.

The shouts of Reformasi! Reformasi! Reformasi! still reverberates today and let us hope that the sense of possibilities that swept through the nation then will once again be with us this 13th general election – for we have need for it!

Today that sense of possibility is lurking just beneath the surface of the opposition. This time the catalyst is Pakatan Rakyat. This time that sense of possibility is in more measured terms with focus and direction. There is not as much passion as in the Reformasi days but there is more commitment, more focus and a belief that this time around there is the political will to go head to head with Barisan Nasional and form government.

And somewhere in Pakatan Rakyat there is still Anwar  -  a different Anwar maybe but still the Ringmaster directing Pakatan Rakyat.

The question now is what Anwar needs to do for Pakatan Rakyat to form government. “To form government”…it is a breathtaking possibility because with it comes not great wealth, not executive power to do what you will….but with it comes great responsibility to work for the good of those that had elected you to government.    

And yet in the blogs, media and with many of us, why is the talk always about power and great wealth? Why is our fear that of what Pakatan Rakyat will do once they are in government? If we want to vote Pakatan Rakyat into government why do we not trust their leaders to practice good governance?

I think this is because Pakatan Rakyat have not done enough to instill confidence in us of their ability to govern us well should they become the government after the 13th general election. They have had many years to do so. Losing Perak  while still in the flush of victory was one reason. Anwar’s sodomy two and its accompanying side shows another and the PKR party elections did not lived up to the promise of a free and fair election promised to us by Anwar!

In fact if truth be told, it is PKR and Anwar that has been the cause of most of our concerns and this concerns continues today because PKR and Anwar are in denial! Unlike Tennyson’s 

“For men may come and men may go
But I go on for ever”

PKR is in crisis and unless attended to it will not go on for ever! It has lost too many good men and women and I fear for its ability to weather the storms of these departures.    

But how will the Captain of a ship be tested if the ship does not sail into stormy weather? PKR is in stormy weather now and it needs a good captain. 

What will Anwar do for PKR? I want Anwar to think if he should not now become Kingmaker rather then be king. I say this not because I love Anwar less but because I love PKR more. Let not your years in the wilderness of Sungai Buloh come to naught. Ignore the inherent weaknesses within PKR at your own peril. And I will tell you that PKR will not survive you if you will let go of PKR willingly now.

Watch Najib’s relentless advance towards the 13th general election and you must admit that PKR and PR has not been able to keep pace with him, what more challenge his advance. No you have not lost your relevance within Pakatan Rakyat  but you need to reprise your role within PKR and PR. Do it now Anwar while you are still Ringmaster!      

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  1. Hear, hear! This is going to be a close fight and one PKR cannot afford to lose. Listen to the Rakyat when they tell you that there are more persuasive candidates to field in high risk constituencies. Do not assume that safe bets are a done deal. Instil confidence in the party, DSAI by putting the needs of the rakyat first.