Tuesday 18 October 2011

Daulat Tuanku? I think not!

How long, do you think, before we are rid of this irrelevant, expensive and certainly useless parasites call ROYALTY? Who now cares about them but themselves? There are indeed a relic of a time long gone by and by their own doing are no longer relevant to the Malaysia of today. How much does it cost us to maintain one Sultan? There is him, his wives, his children, his palaces, his staff, his cars, his brothers and sisters, his daily, weekly, monthly and yearly upkeep…and the list goes on. These Sultans costs us more than what they are worth!

And what are they worth? What do they do apart from sleep and eat, hand out honors that some people pay them to do so and whizz around here and there trailed by motorcycle outriders and their bodyguards and hangers on – all at our expense! No they are not worth anything – not even what they wear are paid by them. We pay for everything – the cars, the yachts, and even for the air crafts that they call their own. 

And some of them are in business? Huh! What business? Getting timber concessions, state land and projects and tenders given to you by the state or BN government is not business – we call it living off the sweat and toil of the Rakyat. All these Sultans do is get the business opportunity and sell it lock stock and barrel to others – they take their commission and up front money and go spend some more. We see this in the University built in Pahang and that Hospital fiasco in Selangor.

And they do charity work! Ha ha ha….what charity work? Handing out some food parcels during floods? Hari Raya spending money for some orphans? Come on lah…get real! I have yet to see a single Sultan start a worthwhile foundation to do charitable work for under privileged and deserving children or individuals. Not a single Sultan! So much for doing charity work!

Are they are also the head of Islam in the states they reign in? What a laugh! Some of the Sultans should themselves be hauled up by the religious authorities for crimes against Islam - fornication outside marriage is a crime under Islam is it not? What about drinking liquor? Prohibited under Islam? And the list goes on....what a laugh! Like the BN government - harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi! 

The time has long past for these Sultans to pack up and leave their palaces and start to earn their own living  - just like the rest of us. And when I say the rest of us that does not include those thieving BN politicians! I say that these Sultans and all the baggage that they carry around with them should be told to vacate their palaces and start to earn their own keep. 

No more Rolls - let them drive Protons. 

No more motorcades let them wait at traffic lights as we do. 

No more special wards at hospitals. 

No more immunity from prosecution.

If they want to have more then one wife - they pay for it themselves - why should the Rakyat pay for them to fornicate? 

And they can have as many children as they like just as long as we do not have to foot the bill for a life that we know will be wasted on wine, women and song.

And no more Sultans. The sooner the better! Daulat Tuanku!     


  1. I admire you for speaking outright where others fear. You are so right, the Sultans in Malaysia have consistently failed in its role as Sultans. The Sultans kowtow to BN and do BN's bidding. So why are we supporting the Sultan financially?

  2. Malaysia to become a republic? But the need to get rid of the main tenant in Putrajaya comes first.

  3. First the stupid majority rakyats will have to come out from the idiotic mindset that title and awards is the one that matters to them.....until they do those monkeys(Raja)will reign and you and me will have to keep paying for their expenses come rain or shine.....slowe

  4. Sir,

    If that mamak rules for another 10 yrs, everything is possible.

    Mamak Bendahara would be the Supremo No. 1.

  5. The government and the majority race group are the ones who are keeping the royalty in their comfort & luxurious zones. You cannot change a corrupt government nor the ketuanan mindset of the insecure race group. The corrupt government knows it and it continues to feed on the insecure mindset of both the majority race group and the royalty for its own benefits.

    The so-called HIMPUN planned for this Saturday is a classic example of the insecure mindset of the majority race group. The government and royalty are both silent on HIMPUN so you can read it as giving HIMPUN their full support. Betcha less than 10,000 insecure people will be at the HIMPUN rally but the likes of Utusan/Berita Harian/Star/NST/Bernama will be reporting a million insecure people turned up for the rally.

  6. hyper egoistic Chinese businessmen throwing 200k, 300k, ++ to get a Datoship and the receiver rushes off to London/Melbourne Casinos to gamble away all the money only to t.t. for additional resources to pay off the debts.

    Stupid self-glorified Chinese businessmen squabbling away their wealth just to add a title to their name as if they will live an immortal life. Sultans have become obsolete as their Malay subjects start to wake up and perhaps take a leaf from their brethren initiating an Arab Spring.