Wednesday 19 October 2011

Kita semua sudah siap sedia!

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I have been working on steadyaku47 for over two years now. If I think back to how I started, stumbled, got up and stumbled many times again before I was confident enough to know that some of you do want to read what I write…..I would shake my head and smile to myself. I would smile because there are many of you out there that have given me the help and encouragement that I needed at precisely the time that I needed them in order to will myself to keep  working on steadyaku47. To all who had been there for me…thank you.

Today is one of those days when I feel good for what steadyaku47 has done for me….I have many friends whose face I have never seen. Many fellow bloggers who urge each other on because we know better than most that dreaded “writers block” that visits us at the most inappropriate of times….and most of all I have a great deal of goodwill out there from people whom I have never and will never meet!

Just think….people who wish me well even though they have not met me! If they can only see the lump in my throat when I think of this wonderful cocoon that envelopes me whenever I sit in front of my PC and begin my work on my blog! You guys ROCK!
If you ask what was the most memorable experience I have had while blogging…well it has to be the time when I was sent  pictures of my late father by one of my readers who went fishing with him! I still smile at the hours of joy it gave me being able to see my old man doing what he loved best -  FISHING and spending time on his boat WIDURI. To Andrew Ee...many thanks.

But enough of the past. We need to move forward now.

One third of Malaysians have access to the Internet. Potentially that gives us access to NINE MILLION Malaysians! Sembilan Juta! 9,000,000! By any reckoning that is a lot of Melayu, Indians, Cina, Eurasians,Nepali dan yang lain lain! Dayaks and Ibans included!

We need to use the Internet to make the change that we want in our country. And in the coming days and months I intend to do my bit, however small, in making that change.           

Hearts and mind…hearts and mind….this is how we get people to come on to our side. And our side is not political, not financial and certainly not racial. We want what is best for Malaysia. For our children. For our future. I feel good about the possibilities of having you all understand my need to do this and I hope we can try and do this together.

I will remember to be humble in what I do but I will be proud about the work I intend to do : I want what is best for our nation. You want what is best for our country – Kita semua sudah siap sedia! I am one. With you I am two! Who else will join us?

Please send me your thoughts, ideas, articles in any form you want and I will do what I can to share them with our friends. When I have the capacity I will see if I can make steadyaku47 more user friendly….I am too “computer challenged” to be able to do this myself…so wait I must. For now let us all be prepared to do our bit to be the change that we want our country to be in the not too distant future.



  1. Kudos to you for progressing further up the bloggers ladder and keep writing from the heart!

    Best wishes,


  2. I m with you mate...rain or shine.Just keep it coming!!!!!

  3. HH, remember Jack in the Box? That is what you are! Impossible to suppress!
    We will continue to walk tall with you....shoulder to shoulder!

  4. I'm with you HH.
    Just to let you know that my circle of friends are reading your blog. The email notification does help a lot.