Thursday 20 October 2011

My thoughts this morning....Anwar.

In politics friends are transient and a week is six days too long. Being brave is a sign of desperation : you will either have committed Hari Kiri by being brave in politics or win yourself a reprieve by taking a path less trodden. Nothing is finite. Everything is negotiable. What matters is taking or staying in power. And no one better mirrors this then Anwar. He has been through it all and now is at the cusp of it all.

Today he is torn between taking and staying in power. The staying in power is within Pakatan Rakyat and the taking of power is from Barisan Nasional. To stay in power within Pakatan Rakyat he needs to be acquitted of sodomy. To take power from Barisan Nasional he too, must be acquitted of sodomy. And so for Anwar a conviction is the kiss of death  - or as the Mafia do it…he gets sent a fish wrapped in newspaper if convicted!

All the vital signs are not encouraging.

Now the talk in Batang Berjuntai, Pendang, Pengkalan Chepa, Batu Pahat and even Kuala Kangsar is not encouraging too. In Kuala Lumpur, where they have seen it all, the consensus is that he is going in! In Putrajaya its steady as she goes and they talk about AA….the time After Anwar.

There is no talk on the streets about another night of the long knives if Anwar is convicted….maybe one in PKR to establish Azmin, Azizah or Nurrul as leader…but that is for PKR to work out. The Reformasi days are long gone and after Bersih Two, nobody is prepared to risk life and limbs for a 64 year old who is going thorough another sodomy trial – as if the first one was not a lesson learnt to avoid another one! 

And so the stage is set for that long ride into the sunset for Anwar..only this time like Reagan, there will be no coming back. What remains now is if he will leave with our affections or will he take with him all that he has build within Pakatan Rakyat?

I hope he will not do this because Anwar’s legacy to us is to make possible change in Malaysia. Now we must make this possibility into a reality….and this is only possible if Pakatan Rakyat is strengthen and not  weaken with Anwar’s  conviction. How this can be done is for the leaders within Pakatan Rakyat to work out NOW rather than LATER!

Now, when Anwar’s presence can make a difference and ensure that  Pakatan Rakyat will form government after the 13th general election.

I hope Anwar will not fail us. We will not fail him if he will not fail us this time. Someone has to tell you this Anwar...and it looks like it has to be me....salam brother. 


  1. It does not really matter whether he goes to jail or not. Umur pon tak tahu panjang ke tidak. But at least he can look back at his life and be satisfied that he was in the front line, unlike most of us, me included who wish that we could have done more with our lives.

  2. Anwar jumpstarts the political change in Malaysia. Without Anwar the political landscape would have gone into a spiral dive of cronism, corruption and decadence would have pervaded the country.

    I can imagine the scenario that had it not been for Reformasi (the political awakening led by Anwar), the absolute power that the BN government would wield by now would require one to be a card carrying member of UMNO/BN party to enjoy benefits such as employment,scholarship,bank loan, business licence etc.

    Let no one forget that Anwar is already an icon and when he is long gone, the next generation will have his picture emblazoned on their T shirts just like our generation does for Che Guevara on our T shirts.

    Anwar has done much for those people who aspires that this country be cleansed of the dirt accumulated over the last 50 years and it is cruel of anybody to expect him to do much more in the future. The pains he had gone through are real and we are miniscules compared to him.

    Only people who are either stupid (they might not understand if I use the word moron or dumb) or those who and their families owe their survival to UMNO/BN, will think that this country is just fine and they and their generations to come will live happily ever after.

  3. BN is stupid to demonize Anwar like that.
    When he does go into jail, he will be martyred.
    And BN will be a dead duck.

  4. Support for Pakatan Rakyat will definitely be stronger if they send Anwar to jail.