Tuesday 25 October 2011

Words of wisdom from Izzy - one of my favorite things:

From the mouth of Babes

After being told off, Isabel picks up the remote and points it at Mummy.

Mummy: "What do you think you're doing?"
Isabel (angrily pressing the remote): "Trying to change mummy's channel!!"

Isabel: "Go away! I don't like you anymore! I want to go outside and ride my bicycle! Go away now!"
Mum: "Who are you talking to?"
Isabel: "The snow!"

Mummy: Isabel, if you were a superhero, what superhero would you be?
Isabel: I'd be Super .... MARKET!!!!!!

Put on one sock, she runs off. Put on other sock, she runs off. Put on top, she runs off. Put on pants, she runs off... 

Mummy: "ISABEL!" Why do you always run off??!!"
Isabel: "Because I have legs, mummy."

Isabel: " ... eight, nine, ten, eleventeen, twelveteen, thirteen, fourteen ... "

After watching Bambi the movie, where she grows up and have children of her own: 

Isabel: "Do all grown ups have babies?"
Me: "Some of them do. Do you want to when you grow up?"

Isabel: "But I already have a baby ... baby Sofia.
Me: "What will you do when Sofia grows up?"

Isabel: "Get another baby."

Me: "Where will you get another baby from?"

Isabel: "From Ikea! There's always babies in Ikea!"

Isabel's been having trouble sleeping alone recently, so I gave her one of my bracelets to make her feel better: 

Me: "This bracelet is special, see how it sparkles when you hold it? It's got a little magic in it and will help keep you safe."

Isabel: "I don't think so mummy."

Me: "Why? Is it not shiny enough?"

Isabel: "No, the bracelet doesn't have eyes. How can it see me to keep me safe?"

Once she got hold of the mic, she never let go. Her new favorite word is 'microphone'.

After leaving Japanese restaurant: 

Daddy: "I'm so full, feel like I just ate a horse!"
Isabel: "I'm so full, I feel like I just ate a cow!!"

Isabel playing 'Princess': she made a tower with her blocks and put the princess inside. I asked her 'don't we need to get the prince to save her?' she said 'no' and made the princess smash down the tower and walk out by herself. I asked her 'what happened to the prince?' she said 'he took too long.'

While watching Snow White, as the Prince is about to give her the kiss of life:
Izzy: "I don't want Snow White to wake up."
Mum: "Why?"
Izzy: "I don't want the Prince to kiss Snow White."
Mum: "Why?"
...Izzy: "Izzy want the Prince."

Mum: "What do you want to be when you grow up Isabel?"
Izzy: "BIGGER!"

Isabel: I want to go to school. 
Mummy: Well, then you have to eat up all your food and grow big and strong, then you can go to school. 
(after lunch)
Isabel: Mummy! I 'fibished' all my food! Can I go to school now?

Isabel: Mummy, Isabel want to go out and play. 
Mummy: Okay, in a few minutes. 
Isabel: No mummy, two minutes. Look at my fingers - one, two. Two minutes.

I caught Isabel staring at the kitchen wall today.

Mummy: "What'chu doin'?"
Isabel: "I think Daddy should cut down this wall then paint it red and blue. But cut it down first. Then paint half blue, and half red. Yes, that would be nice. I think so."

Note to self: Stop letting her watch the Home & Garden channel so much.

Mummy to Isabel after telling her off for misbehaving: "Being naughty is not nice is it?"
Isabel: "... noooo.....being naughty is FUN!"

Emmett and Terrina when they were younger...
much younger...
very very much younger!

Wife: "How does it feel - getting called to the dinner table and just sitting down having everything cooked and ready for you??"

Husband: "How does it feel having a roof over your head?"

Wife: " ... touche."

Him: "Do you know that the average age men die is 78, and the average age women die is 82? Do you know what that means?"
Me: "We'll die together?"
Him: "Yes! Isn't that cool!!??"

If that's not romantic, I don't know what the hell is.

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