Friday 21 October 2011

cakap cakap...stupid MCA Minister!

Driver’s licence renewal based on birthday starts next month
By Hariz Mohd|
KUALA LUMPUR: The new driver’s licence renewal date, which is based on one’s date of birth, will take effect in mid-November, said Transport Minister Datuk Kong Cho Ha.
The Road Transport Department, National Registration Department, Pos Malaysia and eKhidmat services are streamlining the mechanism ahead of its implementation.

First mooted in July this year, the move is, in part, intended to help motorists better remember when their licences expire — forgetfulness often an excuse given whenever they are found with expired licences.

steadyaku47 comment

Is this not another way how these idiots in government show their contempt for us the people?  They want to base the renewal date of our driving license on our date of birth because “forgetfulness” is often an excuse given whenever we are found with expired licences!

Okay Minister can you provide us with statistic to confirm this claim of yours?

Can you imagine these bloody policeman doing a survey of motorists on this while also taking their duit kopi from us because our licenses have already expired? If I am the one being surveyed because I have an expired license I will be damm bloody mad. I will tell the babi either he takes the duit kopi to selesai the expired license or he wants me to answer the survey he is making on behalf of the Minister. I am not going to do both.

What stupidity is this…and the fact that this Minister is from MCA is no excuse. In BN all components parties have equal rights to stupidity. So no Minister can excuse himself by saying he is from MCA, MIC or UMNO…..especially if he is from UMNO where stupidity is a pre requisite for membership!

This Kong Cho Ha is really a ha ha ha of a guy! Come lah Kong don’t be a King Kong…..use some common sense and think before you engage your mouth. I bet you this story will make the rounds of “Stupid but true” stories that newspaper all over the world will highlight to give their readers a bit of a giggle. 

The next thing this Minister will think of doing is to have our full address on the number plates instead of the registration numbers of the car. This way no Malaysian will ever forget where his house is…and of course will allow Puspakom and PDRM to know where to go to selesai any issue in case that poor guy is not carrying any cash on the day he is stopped for the survey! Stupid Idiots!     


  1. This will have the effect of remembering Kong Cho Ha every year we celebrate our birthdays!

    He is Fook Chou, a Chinese dialect which is Greek to a fellow Chinese like me. But in Cantonese, his name rhymes with Kong Cho Wa which means 'say wrong words'. But he mumbles so we don't get to know what he says unless it is something as historic in importance as this brain wave!

    It is funny how something stays in our mind for years... like me remembering Ku Li for increasing the road tax of diesel cars which effectively costed someone with a Merc 300D Rm36,000 in road tax!

    The immediate effect was some 300Ds were disposed off cheaply and new owners changed the engines to petrol 200 at a cost of Rm15,000, saving road tax yet enjoyed the more luxurious upholstery and other interior fittings.

  2. datuk kong - where one goes to for numbers..