Friday 21 October 2011

After Bersih comes Aziz Bari!

Malchindian has left a new comment on your post "Common Sense Must Prevail with Himpun!": 

I have a feeling the HIMPUN rally will be 
overshadowed by the Solidarity rally today of 
university students and sympathizers of the 
good prof Aziz Bari. Looking forward to the 
telling pics and videos tonight. Come on 
Rakyat, the abuses have gone long enough! 


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steadyaku47 at Friday, October 21, 2011 10:47:00 AM GMT+10:30

steadyaku47 comment: 

May I, on behalf of all decent and upstanding Malaysian convey my sincere thanks to the Barisan Nasional government for giving us all another durian runtoh! Another focus of our resentment and anger towards the manner you arbitarily treat the people of this great country of ours. I do not know this Aziz Bari but if Utusan has demonized him and the University has suspended him ...then he sure as hell has my support. And if there are to be any marches, demonstration or show of support for the good professor...count steadyaky47 in. Aziz Bari is one. With Malchindian he is two. Who else will join them?  



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fairplayer MCMC needs to sit at the feet of Professor Abdul Aziz Bari before they can pass comments about the honest and competent constitutional law professor. Keep up the good work, dear Professor Aziz!
Feelletdownbybn Khalid Samad's comment somewhere in the MK,is right.No human is perfect,even the royalty.Even in absolute monarchy like Brunei,the king who is human made mistake.Even prophet Mohamad seek forgiveness from God,as he too is not perfect.Is it wrong to comment when one feel something is not right?Common , is this country rule by despot dictator ?
Anonymous_3fc4 Mr Aziz Bari merely lifted up the skirt to show that its uncommon for a woman to wear Boxer short and that got Awang Selamat all excited causing a hardon for him. Awang Selamat, don't hide behind a pseudonym writing nonsence, kalau anak Jantan, berani tulis tudorhan, gunakan nama senderi, Awang bapok kut ?
SMC77 Once again, MCMC is scoring high marks for being a loyal running dog of BN. MCMC is a disgrace and they should consider to change their mission statement to "Great defender to the corrupted BN government". MCMC is not fit to be the regulator and should dissolve itself immediately without wasting our money!
BTN Go ahead and change all the agencies that serve only a party and not the people. This type of harrasement is liken to communism in China in the early days.
Munafik The hegamony of umno is to bully anyone anywhere, wherever they feel like it and when ever they think like it and use sutusan to write rubbish to convince already retards, that show a glaring absence of brains. All this shows SUTUSAN is fit for the longkang. And the fellows behind it...apa nama..?
Anonymous_3fac umno! kalau kena tekanan, bersembunyi di belakang diRaja dan cakap Raja berkuasa, kalau tiada tekanan omno yang berkuasa dan lupa siapa yang tolong kamu
Bender It's Awang Selamat who poked fun at mcmc, why not mcmc pay a visit to awang instead?
VP Biden Go Republic ,there will be more accountability and less apple polishers.Time to break free,the man in the street doesn't give 2 hoots abt "them'..malay or non-malay..
Paul Warren Why is MCMC coming a knocking? Just because Bari's message got digitised? If it had not been digitised then what? MCMC cannot touch him is it? I think the authorities better get themselves together on this. As it would seem, the message may not be offensive if it was not conveyed in a digitised manner. if the same had been spread by smoke signal, then what?
Disbeliever There goes MCMC to serve at the command of Utusan? Why don't you investigate those pro UMNO blogs and Utusan online too?
one brain cell Words like "socialist," "communist," "republic" and "anarchist" have the power to make insecure egos shit their pants, it appears - even though the same egos have absolutely zero understanding what these fearful words actually mean - they can only react like thuggish louts. The reason is obvious: they are opposed to evolutionary change because they feel threatened by dynamic trends accelerated by the digital age, and are convinced they can only survive by clinging ferociously to a totally corrupt and rotten status quo. How pathetic.
Ruben All this shows that that 1 Malaysia - People First, Performance Now is just Lip Service. Here is a man who is giving his expert views as a constitutional lawyer and and as it contradicts the Government views is now under investigation, criticised as ih he is a traitor etc. What a mockery to our Value system. There is only one way out. Keep speaking out as it showed in Bersih 2.0 when 50,000 people showed up, what can the Government do !!! and also show our displeasure at the polls.
chikadee Awang Selamat panics. His day are numbered. He spews nothing but hatred and filth. People like Awang Selamat has poisoned the minds of the people....Just you wait AWANG TAK SELAMAT . We are going to vote your boss OUT.
Kgen Utusan Malaysia is the real face and voice of Umno. It is is used by Umno to bludgeon opinion it doesn't like and is immune to any action for whatever racist and rabble rousing article it publishes. The editors of Utusan hide behind pseudonyms which is very unusual for a newspaper. Any self-respecting writer would be proud to see his byline in an article but Utusan editors hide behind pseudonyms to spew out racist diatribes which their own mothers would be ashamed to read.
Henry Hock Guan Teh I myself have lectured Constitutional Law for several years in the past. What Prof Abdul Aziz Bari commented is a very simple thing all 1st year law students understands. Utusan and MCMC would be ashamed for not able to comprehend and need not have a Professor of Law to admonish them. If any judge were to rule against Prof Abdul Aziz Bari, then he or she might as well take law tuition from the law students.
1 meloyakan Prof.... you could have questioned them how well versed they are on the laws as provided in the constitution before they started interviewing you.I feel malu lah these 2 cocks from mcmc having the cheek to meet you
Malaysian53 Are we in the Gestapo era? A prof cannot make a comment on his area of expertise and knowledge? Need MCMC to visit? Najib, what are you doing- on one side you go around promoting openness and fairness to all incl minorities but you condone people like Utusan/ Ezam/ Perkasa to undermine you or is it a "good cop bad cop" strategy.
Mirror on the Wall In an answer to Manjit Bhatia, its the education that young Malaysians are a product of...rote learning without thinking. No wonder we are tops in all fields of science, arts and culture.
P.Dev Anand Pillai That is the reason why we have 'kangkung professors', because our academics are not allowed to voice their views for the betterment of scholarly pursuits and society as a whole. For the next GE, Msiakini will be the target, but if we the people of Malaysia can wake up and put this regime in its place and let it know that we are not going to take this crap anymore and definitely not for another 54 years, then nothing can stop the change. Our best brains will never come to their country of birth because they are not wanted and the regime finds them to smart. Having such people around will be bad for the regime. For the regime to continue, it must propagate stupidity and dumbness. The more stupid and dumb you are the higher you go. So much for academic pursuits.
Baiyuensheng I failed to see the republic part but if this awang selamat dude is implying that malaysia should go republic - i setuju.
Anonymous_3f15 strange! visit for what! professor, maybe in yr suit, ask DrM to testify...his drama,well documented
Manjit Bhatia And what is wrong with Malaysia considering a movement towards becoming a genuine republic? It's about time Malaysians become mature and bold enough to ask direct questions of the establishment. The problem is that Malaysians are far too gutless.
stories UMNO should discredit the PhD Aziz has to remove his credibility! Lawyer extraordinaire Shafie could do it well.
LLKS Constitutional law professor Abdul Aziz Bari cannot be wrong. what is going on in this country. rakyat do something please. Please for vote BN out of the Govt. then only you can see the diff.

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