Saturday 29 October 2011

Cakap cakap....are we powerless against BN?

If recent memory serves me right there had been a few issues that had led to the people holding demonstrations to show their support for or against some issues and causes.

The ISA has seen many vigils and gatherings organized by committed individuals who were brave enough to show up at these show of support against the ISA. And when they do PDRM’s presence is over powering and intimidation is the name of the game.

The Cow Head demonstration was a no brainer. It was held after Friday prayers and I guess the people who attended that demonstration did so because it was convenient to do so. That Din guy did do his part to promote the issue for a few more days but that was that.

HIMPUN mercifully died of natural cause – lack of interest and support by Muslims who know that Islam is not being threatened by any Christians – if anything it is the antics of UMNO politicians that deserves scrutiny. Remember the CJ and Haryati, Radin Bung Mokhtar illegal marriage, the raba raba Minister etc?

The murder of Teoh Beng Hock by MACC predictably garnered nation wide support. What is there not to support when a young man needlessly dies under the custody of a government agency?

But significantly the issues that matters most in the minds of us Malaysian are kept within ourselves.

There has been no demonstration about the murder of  Altantuya and all the side shows that went with it. The RM$500 million commission. Najib’s sms to Razak Baginda. Why did two UTK operatives kill someone they did not know? How were records of entry and departures of foreigners deleted from immigration records? I am of the opinion that a demonstration to get answers to all these questions will draw more crowd then any other issues now in Malaysia. So why has no one organized one? I guess getting a police permit would be an impossibility. Imagine this…you turn up at Sentul Police Station and tell the OCPD that you want to hold a demonstration about Altantuya? What will the OCPD do? He tells you to wait in the lock up while he phones Bukit Aman. He talks to the Director of Special Branch.

Tuan we have an application here to hold a demonstration to ask Najib to clear up the Altantuya case.

SB Director: Keep that guy in the lock for a few days and then ask him to reapply. Repeat SOP if necessary until he has a change of mind and withdraw the application. 

OCPD: Yes Tuan! 

Now PDRM have you their files. Die lah!

No demonstration about the Sultans. It would seems that we are all okay with the Sultans living off the Rakyat’s tax money and enjoying a la dloce vita lifestyle.

No demonstration about ketuanan Melayu!

So may things we want to know and yet we cannot ask. So all that is left is the Internet and the blogs. And even the bloggers are being questioned if what they write are not “Kosher”. So from all this we can safely deduce that there are many many Malaysians with a lot of questions to ask but cannot articulate their queries.

Can you imagine the frustrations and pent up emotions all waiting to explode? I guess that is why Bersih was not given a venue to hold their show  - too many people will show up.

HIMPUN was given and yet people showed little interest because there is simply no danger to Islam.

But there is a lot of danger to our freedom of expression and our civil liberties……all these are issues that trouble many a Malaysian and they are waiting for an opportunity like Bersih to vent their frustration at the government continued suppression of public expression.

Now who among us, amongst Pakatan Rakyat will understand this and channel the energy being suppressed within the people of Malaysia into something positive. Channel it into support for PR. I wish these PR politicians stop being too self centered and start looking at the bigger picture. To me it can be reduced to one word. FOCUS.

Push aside your personal political agenda. Push back any thoughts of power or money. Eliminate all negativity in your political thoughts and just FOCUS.

I know the people are now sitting back and watching and assessing both PR and BN’s politicians. They are thinking do we jump from the frying pan into the fire? Better the devil you know then the devil you do not know? And you can argue every each way and in the end it really is you that decides who you want to vote for.

For our political leaders from both side of the divide,PR and BN, the “If you ignore it they will eventually go away” syndrome is always SOP. Katak di bawah tempurung! It is that way with BN and that way with PR. When will they ever learn……?

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