Thursday 27 October 2011

cakap cakap....crooks, thieves and thugs are back in UMNO!

Was there really a need to scrap the bottom of the barrel for some crumbs…this Rahim Noor – the same IGP that was sacked for assaulting DSAI who was then under his custody – was there really a need to have him officiate at the Perkasa general assembly? Or is this part of the plan to ressurect any crooks, rapist, thugs and what have you? Ressurect them and get them out of the woodwork for there is much work for them to do for UMNO and BN?

Of course there are more Malays to be resurrected then the others but MCA is not far behind. There have already resurrected a President with dubious acting abilities of the sexual kind. Samy Velu is being put on a generous retainer and he has not disappoint. A RM10 billion possibly/maybe /most probably/MOU with Bangladash!

Now who else? What about Razak Baginda? Not only is he a crony but a crony with RM500 millon! Whoooaa! Amin Shah, Tajuddin Ramly…it wold be like the good old days once again! All tried and tested thieves and thugs assembled to give UMNO one last hurrah and a send off into the sunset. 
And over all this would have to be the father of them all – Mahathir!

While they are busy assembling the cast of a 1000 there is also JAIS, JAKIM and HIMPUN. It would seem to me that UMNO has decided that the time has come for these ISLAMIC weapons of mass destruction to be wheeled out and have their guns pointed strategically to where Pakatan Rakyat happens to be. Now their thinking is that where Pakatan Rakyat is now at, is also where the non-Muslim are. They forget PKR, they forget PAS and they forget that DAP is a multi ethnic political organization that walks the talk. They are all for 1Malaysia and 1Malaysia they will be in thoughts and in deeds. And all around them are Malays too!

And talking about JAIS, JAKIM and HIMPUN....why not all those non-Muslims shops and business outlets put up the sign "KEDAI TAK HALAL". Now let us see how the so-called "muslims" are going to get their provision and necessities from! 

Ketuanan Melayu is a non-issue for the 13th general election. The cow head demonstration and Bersih failed to ignite any racial bonfire. Not even a campfire. Perkasa has done its worst and it has become a caricature of Brahim Berok – its self proclaimed General without an Army. Perkasa is now dismissed as a joke  - a rag tag army of Malays led by this son of Ali who, like Buster Keaton, can raise a laugh from the audience by just standing there doing nothing.

But while Buster Keaton raised the roof with his antics, Brahim Berok manages only to have people lament the depths that UMNO has sinked to in its desperate effort to hold on to power.

So Najib now wants to go back to the time when Islam ruled the world – hoping that with Islam he will continue to rule Malaysia! Back to the 16th Century. To the time of Suleiman The Magnificent, Sultan of the Ottoman Empire.

But while Suleiman could speak Ottoman, Turkish, Arabic, Chagati and Persian, Najib can only speak Bahasa and English.

While Suleiman personally instituted legislative changes relating to society, education, taxation and criminal law, Najib is focused on becoming Mr Cool and having guests over to his house for some down time watching Manchester United get beaten 6 to 0.

While Suleiman became a great patron of culture and oversee the golden age of the Ottoman Empire’s artistic, literary and architectural development, Najib oversees an orgy of cash handouts and many many announcements of transformation programs that will see print but will never see the light of day.

But in their wives they have empathy. Suleiman married a harem girl, Roxelana who became Hurrem Sultan and her intrigues as queen in the court and power over the Sultan made her quite renowned. I see shades of Rosmah there and we are still to see if Rosmah will be Hurrem UMNO.

But there it all ends. Suleiman had vision of a world empire that drove him into military campaigns in Asia, in Africa and Europe. Najib is MP for Pekan and did take over Perak from PR – but he did it with money not by any honorable fight at the polls!

Under Suleiman Mecca, Medina, Jerusalem, Damascus and Baghdad were under the control of the Ottoman Empire. Najib has JAIS, JAkIM and HIMPUN at his disposal. And with them he wants to use Islam to consolidate UMNO’s hold over the country because nothing else seems to work!

And we are seated with a ringside view of all this happening before us. We see UMNO grasping at gutter politics, grandiose promises of projects and transformation initiatives that promise but will not deliver high income to all and of course that most insidious of UMNO’s sweeteners – cash handouts!  

Mahathir once went head to head with PAS and sought to make UMNO more ISLAMIC than PAS. What will Najib do?

It is a dangerous game that he now plays. Religion can so easily be used to turn the Malays against the Christians and  against the non Muslims. Najib continues to talk of non existing dangers from the non Muslims who seek to convert the Muslims to Christianity. It would be irresponsible of him to do so but when has doing anything irresponsible been of any consequence to Najib if that was what was needed for his personal survival?

He has done it when required to take sides during UMNO internal conflict between the two M. He could be a loyal Deputy to Pak Lah just as long as it suited his interest. When the time came to move against his PM he did so without a second thought knowing that the PM’s job would be a safe haven for him from the haunting of him by Altantuya.

Now the tyranny of time no longer allows him the luxury of planning for this and for that. He must do. So let us prepare ourselves for more of the same. A Najib building bridges with anyone that can deliver votes to UMNO. A Najib growing increasingly desperate as he looks for cash, mountain of cash, to satisfy the greed of those who makes a decent living pandering to the needs of politicians desperate for votes. And a Najib who will drown slowly but surely as Mahathir and Muhyiddin turns the screws on him and UMNO discard him as their President because he has served his purpose as a stop gap President after Pak Lah.  

And we then bid adieu to Najib and his First Lady!

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  1. Er, Rahim, where were you when your daughter and son-in-law Matthew Busst were eating pork and drinking happily?
    Oh, I forgot. It's their basic human right to do what they want as long as it's legal.