Monday 24 October 2011

Sepang : Marco Simoncelli

Fans shocking behaviour at Sepang MotoGP
 October 24, 2011
Some fans were baying for the main race to be continued even though Italian rider Marco Simoncelli died after a horrific crash
Steadyaku47 comment:

I was watching the race from Adelaide  as it happened. I saw the tragic crash and what I saw those in Sepang also saw. I knew what had happened because the BBC commentator kept us informed of what was happening as the medical team worked on trying to save Marco Simoncelli.

But the Malaysian crowd at Sepang did not know. All they knew about the race being cancelled was an announcement almost 45 minutes after the crash informing them that the race had been cancelled and nothing else.

And the BBC commentator was questioning why the Malaysian Authorities in charge of the Sepang Moto Grand Prix did not take the trouble to explain to the Malaysian crowd that the race was cancelled because Marco Simoncelli has died. That was all that was needed – just an announcement to inform the crowd that a rider had had a tragic accident and died!

But is it not typical of things Malaysian…what others think should be done by the authorities is never done. Because the authorities always seem to think that they know best!

And what happened? The world watching the Moto Grand Prix saw the ugly side of the Malaysian crowd. An ugly side they did not have to see if only the authorities had the IQ to do the right thing!  

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