Wednesday 19 October 2011

Common Sense Must Prevail with Himpun!

What is the good that Najib intends to do? 1 Malaysia? Ok let us say he wants 1Malaysia to be a reality. He now has a number of ways to make it happen. And Najib, allowing Himpun to march with 1 million Muslims to upheld the sovereignty of Islam is not the way to do it.

Of course his first difficulty is to say no to those in UMNO who are already salivating at the thought of having one million Malays together in one place under one banner – ISLAM. They are salivating at the thought that they, UMNO, are the self proclaimed champions of ISLAM. UMNO are the self proclaimed  champions of Malays! So they are already putting themselves at the head of this one million strong rally waving flags, pennants and slogans leading the Malays onwards to victory in the 13th general elections!

Just like that foolhardy Putra 1Malaysia Club charging headlong into Somalia on a humanitarian mission without a single thought about the dangers of going into a war zone! They want to bring back 11 Somalian orphans! And what did they bring back? The body of Noramfaizul!

Just like when UMNO instructed MACC to go after the opposition. And go after the opposition these gung ho MACC did – recklessly and with all the authority and arrogance they could muster. And all was well until Teoh Beng Hock’s murder!

Just like when Najib was working out with Razak Baginda on the mechanics of siphoning RM$500 million of OUR money into their own account through the buying of the Scorpene Submarines for the Government of Malaysia! The planning must have been fun. Razak’s roaring around the continent with Alltantuya in a Ferrari was even better! And we can just imagine the joy of having RM$500 million deposited into their account after all was done! And all is good until Altantuya was blown to pieces by two UTK operatives from Najib’s bodyguard detail!

And now HIMPUN and one million Muslim! Camna Najib? You think PDRM will be deployed to “manage” them? You think the Army will be put on stand by? What abut the Riot Squad? Rela?

Do you think the non-Muslims are going to hide cowering in their homes scared shitless for their life? That all the shops will be closed for the day?

To prove what? That the Muslim are in control of Malaysia. That the Malays who are Muslims rules? That UMNO who are the champions of Islam and the Malays has shown their might and ability to do as they like?

Think Najib! Think! In the times that we live in we need to think more then do. You have seen the damage Razak Baginda, MACC and Putra 1Malaysia Club have done to UMNO and to you personally. The people, including many Muslims and Malays are now looking on at what you are doing.

If Himpun can get one million Muslims to rally there are still 26 million  Malaysians who are not on the streets. And from this 26 million many many millions are Muslims and Malays. What do you think they will think of you?

Let me, just one of that 26million, tell you what I think of you. You are indeed an irresponsible leader to ever think of using religion to try and get votes for UMNO. And like Bersih 2, MACC, Razak Baginda and that stupid Putra 1Malaysia Club this Himpun rally will come to haunt you as much, if not more than the ghost of Altantuya! So help me GOD


If Himpun can muster one million Muslims for this rally the non Muslims better pack their bags and leave. There is no hope for you all anymore...sure die one!

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  1. I have a feeling the HIMPUN rally will be overshadowed by the Solidarity rally today of university students and sympathizers of the good prof Aziz Bari. Looking forward to the telling pics and videos tonight. Come on Rakyat, the abuses have gone long enough! ABU!