Saturday 22 October 2011

Program : Perjumpaan Dengan Masyarakat Permatang Pauh.

Lokasi : Dewan Orang Ramai Batu 5, Permatang Janggus, Permatang Pauh.

Masa : 21hb 2011. Selepas solat Jumaat. 2:30 petang.


One Million Supporters Did Not Show Up

Here are two pictures which I lifted from Parpukari's Blog. A picture is indeed worth a thousand words. Obviously it was Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim in Permatang Pauh, talking to his supporters. You can read the banner "Sepetang Bersama bla bla bla". The time and date is on the banner 2:30 PM on 21 October 2011 ie yesterday.
The empty chairs far outnumber these empty people. While the brother is talking, the guy in the chair beside him is trying to look like the pillar. The guys in the background are lost in their own conversations. No one seems interested in what the Brother has to say. The organiser could not even arrange the chairs in a straight line. And who is sitting right up front - in the first row? A little kid wearing a yellow baseball cap. So now the brader is preaching his venom to little kids. Lets get them when they are young. No 'orang ternama', no VIPs, almost no one at all.
This is becoming increasingly the case. People have lost interest in the brader. People have lost interest in PAS too. DAP is now supreme. They will hold the fort. Akhir sekali China juga yang jadi taukeh.

steadyaku47 comment

I saw this first on OutSyed the Box blog....but only the top two pictures were on the blog which seems to confirm what was said in that blog....."that the empty chairs outnumber the empty people" gathering in Permatang Pauh to meet with DSAI.

Until I went to Parpukari Blog and saw the third picture just above which gave us a better idea of what was really going on. There were more people than empty chairs at that gathering!  

I guess that is what you call "spin" ....I am learning as I go along to not take things at face value in blogger land! You too must do that!  


  1. Well Anwar did say, even if he were left with one supporter, he'd go on. How's that for persistence. And, HH, you do sound racist sometimes. I am a Malay but frankly I dont want those orgy-loving, slanderous Malay bigots to be my leaders. When I went to Australia and encountered some fellow Malays, they couldnt care less that I was Malay and wanted to look for some `friendly' faces. They ignored me. And anyway, siapa gadaikan kan negara kpd beberapa kerat Cina? Tak muka Melayu?

  2. I am an equal opportunity racists - I do not take kindly to any politician of any race or of any persuasion that seeks to take what is not their due from the coffers of our nation.


  3. If you really mean that, prove it. You know who's robbing the bank, who's plundering the country.

  4. anon this is my email :
    Can we continue this "conversation" via email - I would like to understand better what you are saying to me. tqs.