Tuesday 25 October 2011

cakap cakap...Rosmah!

Kiss Kiss
Sometime, I am sure, Rosmah wish that she had been born with a dick! The things she can do then would surely astound the good people of Pekan if not Malaysia.

Whatever I have said about this Rosmah one thing I will give her is her determination to do what is best for the most important person in her life….HERSELF! When she enters a room she really enters a room. You can feel the ripple of terror, fear and anticipation as she makes her way through the crowd. As Kennedy said “I am the man who accompanied Jacqueline Kennedy to Paris” Najib can say the same thing of himself. He is the man who accompanies Rosmah to where ever it is she is going. That is Rosmah for you. Women carry handbags but Rosmah not only has her Hermes Handbags but also the Prime Minister of Malaysia to carry around! Does any other lady accessorized better then her?

But I think tales of her hold over Najib is exaggerated. The only hold she has over Najib is over his balls…but then you know that when you hold a man’s balls his heart and mind will surely follow.

That RM73 million Ring is just Rosmah being Rosmah! Now this has passed into our folklore alongside fables about Pak Pandir, Bujang Lapok and Dan Dan Setia! I can just see my children telling their children about the ring and Rosmah. They will regale my grandchildren about the First Lady that thought enough about herself to think about buying herself a RM$73million ring…she had to because nobody else would buy it for her! Extravagance has just been raised to an art form by Rosmah..that she herself is not a work of art does not in any way detract from the telling of the story.

I will give good odds to any one brave enough to wager against me that Rosmah is even now plotting her entry into national politics…yes you heard me right…into national politics not into Barisan Nasional. Why not into BN? Tell me who within BN will be willing to stand against her? BN may be corrupt, arrogant and self-seving but it is not stupid. And having to get rid of Najib and Rosmah when it is time for change in BN will just be impossible to do. Rosmah will have to do it her own way….whether her way would mean that Najib will have to head for the highway is still moot. Either way Najib will be dead meat!

Doing Her Titanic Impression and we know what happened to the Titanic!

I do not normally indulge in the unnecessary smearing of the spouse of any politician but in the case of Rosmah it is not only necessary but fair game given her eagerness to offer herself for self immolation in lieu of being confirmed as First Lady by popular acclaim.

Let it not be said that Rosmah thirsts for power. She only wants power for what power can do : pulverize all that stands in her way! Now if that is not the proper use of power then I do not know what is! Go ask Mahathir. I am sure he will agree.

I take exception to those that refer to Rosmah as an old lady with a pea sized brain. She is not old…she is very old. And the condition of her brain rivals that of Najib…both have brain their damage…or is it the other way around? I am now confused myself.

Given all that is now happening around her do you not think that Rosmah sometimes wished that she had been born with a Dick? As for Najib……he already has one…I think…..!

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