Wednesday 26 October 2011

Pak Pandir Excellence 2011 Award

Nominations are invited for the following award

The Pak Pandir Award 2011 for Excellence.

Nominations are invited for individuals or group in the following categories to be dishonored in recognition of their contribution to our folklore of stupid Malaysians.  All nominees must be Malaysian Citizens and must be currently residing in Malaysia (and for any smart alecks...this rules me out!). Pendatang Haram waiting for Red ICs are deemed to be Malaysian Citizens and are qualified to be nominated. Nominations will be judged by the relevance of the reason  submitted when nominating them for the category chosen.

Worse Politician:
  • Note: Group Nominations  while deserving (e,g. UMNO, MCA, MIC or Putra 1Malaysia Club) will not be accepted.

Sub Category:
    ·    Politician most likely to fail award
 ·    The worst promise made by a politician to
       the people of Malaysia award.
 ·     Most sexiest remark made by a politician award.
Other sub categories can be suggested but will only be included if Mahathir, Ibrahim Ali, that Din guy, Najib, Muhyiddin or Nazri are nominated. Multiple nominations are encouraged.

Worse Royalty:
  • Out of respect for those who are no longer with us, only living Sultans  are accepted. Those submitting nominees under this category are advised to do so under anonymous. Failure to do so will render you to kena siasat bawah Akta Hasutan. I have been reliably informed that this is not a good siasat situation. Sure kena whack one! 

Worst TPM or worse Supporter of Perdana Manteri:
  • By special request the “worse supporter of a Perdana Menteri” was included to allow Muhyiddin to be included because of what he did to Pak Lah when Pak Lah was PM. 

Worse couple:
  • Despite popular belief that there can only be one “power” couple for this category, there has been more then one nomination for this category. Hint: Recently married!

Worse Government Department/Officer.
  • Group nominations are accepted. KSU's and Head of Department are considered to be individuals and not representative of the department they head because some KSU's are really assholes!

  • This award is for government department/agencies that have excelled in the violation of our privacy and civil liberties. Overwhelming nominations have been received for PDRM, MACC, RELA and JAIS. We suggest that you be more creative when giving your reason for submitting your nominations for this category. 

  • E.g. PDRM for putting an X on foreigners working as GRO in Pulau Tikus in Penang or MACC for coming up with creative excuses for death while in their custody.

Special Lifetime award for worse retired Politician.
  • Nomination closed. Done deal!

Nominations will be announced once the organizers are satisfied that all nominations are made without any financial inducement offered by those being nominated to those doing the nominating. Any attempt to circumvent these ruling can only be overlooked by the organizers if a much larger financial inducement is made to the organizers direct to their account at BSN Bangar.  

Please forward all nomination to the following blog before the 13th general elections:

·      Steadyaku47
·      Barisan Rakyat Bloggers
·      Zorro Unmasked (Have not asked Bernard yet...must
       wait until Dr J. Daniels or Dr J Walker deems it is the
       right time for me to ask him.

End of Announcement:

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