Sunday 23 October 2011

cakap cakap..pagi ahad!

Yesterday I received one email that moved me to think of “ONE”. Early this morning as I powered on my PC to go into steadyaku47  - another email from DA that hit me where it did the most good – in my mind. It started with:

“I don't know how you can unite everyone as one if they don't want to be humble. The individual bloggers lack team spirit”.

And it went on for quite while and it set my heart racing  because I know that somehow I have been able to connect with DA about “ONE” and it ended with “Take care of your health and write more beautiful stuff”.

I can only try to explain to you all what these two emails meant to me. First it lifted from me all the tiredness of many hours of work on steadyaku47 but more important it gives me solace and comfort to know that the goodwill towards me and steadyaku47 that I spoke about in an earlier posting, is alive and well! Thank you!  

I will be the first to accept that “ONE” is an impossibility given the state of affairs amongst all of us that wants change in our country. I myself am now regarded as a renegade by many who have agreed to disagree with what I write about Pakatan Rakyat and some of its leaders. My reasons for doing so are inconsequential – that I do so is what matters to them. 

But the fact that I know what they think of me is a start towards “ONE”. I am no longer in denial. Now what do we need to do to become “friends” again? And so that is just one of the ways how we begin our journey towards “ONE”. Tell me how else we can do this. We will listen but so must you to what we have to say. Then maybe we will agree to agree on what really matters for all of us – the getting of wisdom to effect change.

Enough of this for now. I have other things I want to write about. My wife is already having breakfast – a huge omelette with tomato's, onions and cheese - and her cup of coffee. No I will not have breakfast this Sunday morning with her…I must write while my mind is ticking. And it is ticking now! Thank God it is ticking now!    

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