Saturday 27 September 2014

Young man thinks old man fool....but old man knows young man fool.

What happens if no country grants this young man the right to be a permanent resident or citizenship...or political it what you will.....but what if no country gives him right of abode? 

He will have to return to Malaysia.

Does anyone care what will happen to him then? 

I doubt it. 

This is what they do to a snatch thief caught at Sri Petaling:

What "they " will do to this young man should he ever step onto Malaysian soil again is any body's guess.....God help you boy because nobody else will....and definitely not the US of A!

It would have been wiser for you to give the finger to UMNO AFTER you have been given permission to stay in a country - not before! As I said earlier....young man THINK old man fool but old man KNOW young man fool.  

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