Monday 22 September 2014

Public Service Announcement : RHB Official Line 03-92068118 being used for Fraud!

Public Service Announcement:
Almost got frauded.
Got a call from RHB general line, yes, the OFFICIAL NUMBER 03-92068118. RHB, please take note someone inside your organisation is using your number to defraud people.
She asked are you in KLIA? I said no. She mentions credit card being used in KLIA for RM3972 under my name. Applied in RHB Bukit Bintang on 01 July 2014. Amount outstanding RM 6 thousand plus.
I haven't banked with RHB for umpteen years so she says I should report to Bank Negara and transfers the line.
Official sounding guy comes in and takes down my statement. He said the IO, Investigation Officer, will call. They tell you not to use your banks for 3 days and NOT to inform anyone otherwise their investigations will be hampered. TOTAL BULLSHIT.
Then the IO calls. Looks like they have a real big team working together on this. I can hear voices in the background like a call center.
He asks me to go to Maybank ATM. Here's the kicker.
To protect my savings, I must transfer to Bank Rakyat account number same with my IC number. YEAH RIGHT! Over your dead body I will.
Alarm bells start ringing and I googled this number. Looks like a few hundred Malaysians already got conned!
It's NOT even Bank Negara official line.
They are damn professional, sound really official and patient while listening to your "report and statement".
I have a few questions:
1. How do they use RHB official phone number? I saw online that previously they were using other banks official numbers too. Surely there's something wrong inside these banks or they have a damn good phone hacking system.
2. How do they create INSTANT Bank Rakyat accounts with the same number as your IC number? BANK RAKYAT, your security SUCKS!

I hope my circle of friends is protected after this message and please share and circulate so that everyone gets the message.
Also, if the Police catches them, can I please go and see them? So that I can rip off his arms and beat him to death with it.
Thank you very much. Sekian terima kasih.

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