Saturday 13 September 2014

Can anybody NOT like Julia Roberts?

I have spent the better part of the last one hour trying to figure out what I can write about Julia Robert  and World Peace, Julia Robert and her contribution to the end of hostilities in the Middle East and Africa...or even about her commitment to stop the United State of America from harassing and persecuting Julian Assange....anything to excuse me using her image or her videos and have you all believe that it is relevant to the story I was telling about Julia Robert. 

The truth is I am not able to do so because there is no credible evidence to join her to any of the above cause. There was one video of Julia with an Orang Utan but she was just a tourist visitng the Orang Utan sanctuary.

However I do not think all that should stand in the way of you guys enjoying these videos on Julia Roberts......hell I can't think of nothing that should stand in the way of anybody having a pleasant interlude looking at Julia here goes! ENJOY!       

About the only thing that had anything against Julia Roberts was this Dog!

and Julia's reaction? Watch the video below.

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