Tuesday 9 September 2014

Arrogance : In some it is deserved and in some, cultivated...but arrogance without cause is sheer stupidity!

There is arrogance in everyone of us. Some are deserved, there are some amongst us that thinks arrogance is a trait worth cultivating within themselves. In others it is a trait that is present in buckets full - especially amongst those that most have no need for it for invariably arrogance leaps out at times when it is least needed. 

There are times when arrogance is necessary but it must be tempered by qualities of mercy. Good breeding, education and self worth would allow one to have those qualities when required but more often than not those same qualities will also mean that one has no reason to resort to arrogance in any circumstance when humility would be preferred.   

But there are times when arrogance is required even before humility is exhausted. 

We all remember the arrogance of Churchill who dared to stand against the might of a rampaging Hitler at war with the world. Even as London and other British cities  was being blitz by the Luftwaffe causing over 40,000 deaths, Churchill arrogantly vowed :

"We shall go on to the end. We shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be. We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender"

We remember the arrogance of the North Vietnamese who dared to think that they could go head to head against the French and win. And then once more against the military might of the Americans and win! But win they did.     

And in our own backyard we remembered the audacity and arrogance of Dr Jeyakumar who dared to stand against that senior leaders of the ruling Barisan Nasional, Minister of Works, Samy Velu....... and win!

I myself am arrogant enough to not suffer fools gladly!

This week we bear witness to the arrogance of Kit Siang and Anwar Ibrahim against the Sultan of Selangor played out in venues that will not be kind to any of them should they blink and back peddle from their stand : Anwar and Kit Siang loudly proclaiming that it will be Azizah as MB and no one else.....and Tuanku Sultan requesting others for his consideration.

The fat lady is yet to sing to signal the end of this very public 'debate' of who will be MB of Selangor. In the interim any one who has an opinion are clamoring to have their say (yours truly included and with all the humility I can muster (not much), I seek your indulgence for doing so). 

Two bit lawyers who talk more than they think spew forth their rendition of constitutional precedents, edicts and loudly pronounce what convention dictates the Sultan should do.

Academicians set forth their learned thoughts on what they deemed to be "the right way" and 'the wrong way" to settle the kemelut.

Elder statesmen offered their opinion unasked.

Politicians asked to be asked for their opinions.

The Rakyats wants to be asked but, alas, are not asked.

Above all this...the Royal House of Selangor plays the role of a wise and responsible party interested only in the well being of the state of Selangor. The Sultan taking it upon himself to do the right thing for his people even if it means "mecemar duli" by having PKR and DAP ignore his requests for "more than two names" for him to decide who will be MB of his state.

Tuanku Sultan, not DAP or PKR, is considered by many to be the aggrieved party in all this. His patience and wisdom, so far, giving PKR and DAP the most critical commodity they need to resolve the kemelut - TIME. Time to think, time to chose and time to reflect on what they should do to resolve the impasse.

To his credit Najib and BN has not overtly interfere in the selection process - though you would be a fool if you were to think they are innocently standing by the sideline watching things unfold. Like the duck gliding serenely across the quiet lake, Umno are furiously paddling under the surface to move the "Selangor Kemelut" to a conclusion that will favor them. So far they have not succeeded but neither have they failed.

For many of us the frustration and feeling of abject hopelessness at seeing almost a decade of work and hope for a better alternative to how politics is done in Malaysia going down the drain is painful to the extreme. But more than the frustration and helplessness that we feel towards all this is the overpowering sense of anger rising within us as this saga drags on from day to day. 

Anger that PKR leaders have chose to rid themselves of an MB that has done his duty for the people of Selangor.

Anger in the manner that they have ridiculed and rundown the same MB by innuendos, slurs and accusation of wrong doings and abuse of power while in office - in the hope that they could run him out of office. 

Anger that there has been a deliberate and very public attempt to force the MB out of office by the Kajang Move and now this outright attempt to replace him with Anwar Ibrahim's wife. 

Public disgust and odium are now rightly directed towards PKR and Anwar Ibrahim and  his Conspirator in Chief, Lim Kit Siang aka DAP.  

The only satisfaction I will get out of this whole sordid affair is to see, hopefully, the mass changing of the old guard within PKR and DAP  and the coming into being of a new regime within PKR and DAP that will start the process of renewal and rejuvenation..... hopefully in time to give Umno a run for its money come the next general election.    

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